Doing a free GFX for 3 people (CLOSED)

I’m bored now since I have nothing to do so please enter your Roblox username with your an Avatar you want me to render
note: your avatar design will define the genre I choose for your GFX



One person can only request 1 GFX
The first one who send me their avatar will be served first

GFX example

Note my GFX can be look better than the example

How about Mia?
Black hair, like that one hairstyle in a bun

Wears the same stuff Asmyriadora does

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I actually wanna see how this turns out, my user is somebody7720 and my profile link just Incase is

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Hmmm do you have shirt and pants that look like Asmyriadora?

Since it would be hard sadly for making Vesteria render without designing the clothes by my self


could you grab the robes’ model?

curious what you will make

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I would try my best

I’d like you to do mine, if it’s ok with you. I’m a bit late so maybe not

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I would take one more

Ah, cool thanks

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