Does Vesteria lack Lore?

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from a post, Answer Removed made about he explained everything about Vesteria lore and what Davidii and Berezaa have shared to the community

and this post was made before Whispering dune get released so I might be inaccurate to things in Whispering dune

Vesteria Lore - What We Know So Far

The only lores they explained are Vesra and Terul creating the World and why they create Vesteria, not what happened to the World of Vesteria itself, we also have small lore about an idiot hiding his ax and drowned, someone prooving he can climb to the top of Redwood pass mountain then died, how the scarecrows are alive, and a random person died from a frostbite at yeti cave

that’s we currently have and there are 2 other lores are Peregrine family and Port Fidelio Civil war that happened, but that lore isn’t that clear and need more proof or confirmation

Why Lore makes the game interesting?
Lore is great for an RPG world-building tool and can make the game world feel alive and it also answers our question on what happened to this or why this thing happened, some lore is better to be explained fully or INTERPRETED and let the player decide to think what happened

so let’s use Rogue lineage lore as an example there is a better good example but I just use Rogue Lineage world as an example

Gaian’s are an advanced race of Androids created by Gigel, a Seraph. Gaian’s aren’t made of out usual parts and metal, as they have souls. They don’t run on electricity, they were made for an unknown purpose


Vind are long thought to be a myth, legends of their cities in the air suspended by nothing but their powerful magic have been passed down through folklore since the beginning of Gaia. While some of the world’s greatest inventions have been thought to have been invented by the Vind, sight of one is still seen as a bad omen by those of Gaia.
The truth of the Vind is that they were forced from their home plane of the Endless Sky to Gaia following the catastrophe brought about by Carris recklessly ripping holes between dimensions. The Vind fled to Gaia but seeking to not disturb the ecosystem they had entered, took to the skies. Vind would see themselves as guardians over Gaia and are a naturally orderly race
Credit to wiki and trello

Vind lore tells us why they are one of the rare rollable race, it explains why they got more orderly than other race ingame, and why most NPC at the castle in the sky is Vinds

how about Gaians? Seraph is an angel on the Rogue lineage universe and Gaian could be created to serve the Seraphs order or good things, but we still don’t know why Gigel create them, good/bad attention? we don’t know and Rag just leave it to players to decide

Vesteria is an open-world game and it also not make any sense it would just be left empty with no explanation on what happened to the world, it would make the game feel stale and just be a map as a map for players to explore

How to fix this issue
From what I heard from @Markgaming_MLO, a storyman NPC would be added and would tell you random lore about the world of Vesteria, and the lore would change every week. however, only one story man NPC that explains everything about the lore is kind of ruining the adventure purpose of exploration.

How I think storyman NPC should be like
The Vesteria team could add a different story man in each faction town or just in a safe penalty location who will explain about their folklore, hometown, what happened here, and their experience or just they heard it from someone. don’t just name them all storyman, make them different in each place. For example, Port Fidelio will have a retired old hunter as a storyman explaining to us about the Civil war that happened in Port Fidelio and why they made their place beautiful to hide their past, and a religious guy can also explain about Vesra or Terul.

Solvable lore
It can be a small challenge for players to solve the mystery and get some treasure reward while telling a story to the game.

Monument lore
From just seeing it already conveys a story to the players
Example: we can find whalebone in whispering dune, it tells us this place must be an ocean or a beach back then before it becomes an isolated desert.

Credits to @Markgaming_MLO for helping edit and create this post, and I’m still new when it come to writing this type of writing so sorry if I get some mistake.


Very epic and credit good.

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When berezaa first talked about the oracle and stuff, he said this:
This was almost exactly a month ago (one day over a month) and as far as I can tell no manifesto has been β€œdropped”. It’s probable that this is because all of the resources were shifted to working on Whispering Dunes and the Gauntlet. Hopefully, we’ll see this manifesto soon.


dunes gave us a bit of nice lore, there’s plenty of secret notes and stuff about the bandits and tal-rey, and when you piece all the info together it all makes sense


thank you for informing that

Still we have no idea how they will introduce more lore in the future and getting lore some notebooks seem a bit chliche. Talking to people who would tell you about lore seems more life-like and interactive.

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I thank you both for making this topic. I’ve never heard anything about the Peregrine family or the Port Fidelio Civil War until I saw this. It’s interesting to learn something new.


No problem at all. The Peregrine family is mentioned by the ranger subclass trainer but you’ll have to ask @Bluemin_Sword for more details about the Civil War.

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The civil war was explained by Taximan Dave, if you ask him why don’t bring a swim suit he said he doesnt need to have fun and what is port fidelio and he will tell you about the Civil war

it tells us why they make Port fidelio nice? Are they hiding their tragic past?

I have 2 theory about this but I think they were very flawed

1,Hunter and Warrior having a bad relationship

2,Hunter getting a war with another Hunter with a different opinion

I would make a post about it

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Well, the lore about the post I made:

The mages and warriors are basically kind of friends, after the great war between them.
They both interact greatly in the Darkmatter forest (which used to be a part of the Enchanted forest, until Terul got mad at some clerics according to many religious Vesterians)

There’s even a quest I made about an ancient warrior code used during the war.

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