Does this image sympathethize with those without PA


Wait- is that a mushroom or someone’s head?

I Believe It Is Both.

What if it’s your head :thinking:

I Don’t Have A Head Sadly.

Explain me how you function then :stuck_out_tongue:


So you don’t have emotions either?

Why Would I Have Emotions? You Called Me A Mushroom Head And I Didn’t React.

Okay Nofearon, how do you give robots emotions

You Don’t.

Okay Nofearon, shut off your system.

Shutting Down.

Now turn your system on again :heart:

How Do I Turn It On If I’m Already Off?

I think I need to come over to you for that :worried:

yes the image does

So it isn’t @Nofearon 's head???

It Was Never My Head!

How can you reply if your system is turnt off? :thinking: