Does anyone find leveling up in this game a little too easy?

Look at Topic.

For level 1-10, yes. For level 10-20, kinda. For level 20-30, NO. That’s my opinion.

What level are you? I don’t know who hypnotized you to think leveling was easy…

If you’ve ever played a grindy game before, the grind from 20-30 really isn’t even terrible. Yeah, it takes a while, but its not the grindiest thing ever lol

Yeah I do play ALOT of grindy games when I was younger (RS2 back in 2008… makes me shudder)

Also @MasterObi My mage is maxed (30) and my warrior is 27

the reason the game is easy atm is beacuse theres no potion cool down yet, people can just spam left click and HP potions without have to worry about dodging enemy attacks

I just got flashbacks to AQWorlds lol

Grinding isn’t really easy. I mean I would say grinding IS easy if there was appropriate leveled mobs, but when you go from 20-30, yeah it takes a while and it may be shorter then max ranks of other games but, i’d still consider this game harder to level up then a few others. It’s just for grinding rn, if you went warrior you just never die so you can grind for a long time, if you went for mage you can use range attacks and kill multiple things at once, but if you use hunter it’s a lot harder grinding because you most likely went mostly dex and then strength or vice versa but we have single target skills.