Dodging should be added in the game

What I think vestaria needs, is probably a dodging action, where how effective the dodge is based on your class.

Do you mean like a dash?

Each faction already has a movement skill (Roll, Blink, and Double Jump). Those are basically dodging skills if used right.

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Yes, but it’ll be called different a different thing for each class.

For example

Rogue: Dash

Warrior: Roll

Paladin: Side step

Based on each class, the dodge would have a certain amount of invincibility frames. Like if someone was a rogue, then they would have a ton of invincibility frames, while for a paladin it would be harder to dodge since that’ll be a kind of class built for defence.

I personally don’t like this idea. I feel like its a waste of a skill.

Well since there’s stamina in the game, dodging could take stamina to use and will make the player also be focused on stamina conservation. However dodging in Vestaria is going to work, I’m sure the developers will find a way to balance it in PvP and PvE.

Thanks for letting me know :wink: