Dodging Attacks

I think that adding the ability to dodge attacks with skill instead of luck would be pretty awesome. The monsters could either have some sort of sign to let you know what kind of attack it is doing, or an area of effect could appear where you have to move out of it to avoid taking damage.

A system like this could make fighting bosses a lot more fun, since you could survive by dodging attacks instead of spamming potions.

As said on bereeza’s twitter, Vesteria was originally made for “hardcore MMORPG players”. So implementing a mechanic such as a warning of AOE would take away the effect of the game being difficult.

However, a skill to dodge is a good idea, but I believe that it should not be activated automatically, but by the user. Meaning that you wont just sit there hitting a monster and the dodge skill would activate automatically, you would have to use a hit and run tactic to properly balance your combat.

GREAT suggestion though!

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I definitely agree we should do a better job at telegraphing when monsters are about to hit you so that players are given the time to dodge attacks. DEX will also block portions of damage every now and again, passively, so this might help – but we definitely want you to be able to combat roll back as a warrior and dodge enemy attacks.

I think the worst offenders right now are the Crabbys, they attack really quickly and pack a punch. We should probably include a slightly longer wind-up period for them.

We’re also looking at making enemies turn much more slowly, so if you use the Warrior’s combat roll or another movement ability to get behind them you’ll be able to land some quick hits.

Eventually, we want to implement some big boss battles. A lot of these bosses will have massive hard-hitting splash attacks that you will be able to dodge beforehand.

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I like the sign thing. It would make the game seem more in it’s style, in the sense that you can use maybe it kind of depresses from the ground like a before stamp.

There’s a game called “Heroes” i think, it gives you a red indicator in front of the monster that tells you to dodge, i don’t really like it much but it’s something, just give the enemies more windup so we know to dodge, another thing though is that i tried hitting them 2-3 times and backing off so they attack, and then coming back in, but their attack lasts too long so even a whole second after they attack and the animation is done, if you touch them it still does damage

EDIT: Ok i wasn’t very clear, i think it would be good to have enemy “Hitboxes” in front of them and to have them wind up, but don’t show a red indicator box.

Im getting Dark souls vibes from bers post lol

Yea, I played a lot of that game and had a lot of fun, I do agree that not having hitboxes show up is probably for the best but having an attack system would be very nice.