Do you think Vesteria is going to die?

[Dec. 19]
Vesteria is announced as dead
Game started to receive a lot more updates and content, a bit fun for the while it lasted
Dunes, Guild halls, all that good stuff released

[Apr. 20]
Fastforward to today
Lots of things happen in 1 day

Berezaa renames the main game to “You are dead”, and the F2P version to “You are also dead”. Pressing “escape” on both of these games teleports you to “Fight for life”, a Vesteria “minigame” where killing 10 people (level 11) gets you the PURGATORY badge, and killing 100 (level 101) gets you the ALIVE! badge, and a hoisted role in the Discord.

Seeming like harmless fun, the minigame was quickly made a center of hate for those who achieved ALIVE!, since the only way to do it was to be powerful early on, and spawnkill those who joined.

Later on, 3 hours later
Davidii departs from the team.

Sk3let0n takes a break from development as well.

Berezaa announces that the game’s condition is on thin ice, and the team will be restructuring

At this point, a lot of people think the game is dead/is going to die. Which is understandable when you look at it. Losing Davidii is a pretty big blow, considering all of the work he gave to the community while he held his position. Finishing up subclasses relatively quickly, guild halls, and speaking directly with the community for things like tester applications and bugs, as well as some complaints. Needless to say, Davidii was a pretty prominent figure in the community and it will be quite sad to see him depart.

At this rate, it seems the game will be doomed to fail after the community has had enough with the minigame to the point of death (and there’s no way to play the original game). However berezaa is most likely working on getting this situation off his feet. However, we’ll have to wait.

Back to the title, do you think Vesteria is going to die if this continues? What are the issues with the game you have?

my own 2 cents
personally in my opinion the game has been going downhill ever since the tons of reworks to already existing systems. the developers have only been reworking a ton of things (scrolls, enchants, the orb system overhaul, xp curve, mob spawns) no new content has really been coming out, just changing the game tons of times frequently. game got even more boring to grind and eventually people got bored, even some of the most dedicated players admit the game has become a bit of a clickfest



this game and its community reached its lowest right now, community imploding on itself, berezaa just doing things, davidii ‘leaving’, all this
it would seem likely that vesteria could die in this current time period, unless the team get backs up on their feet it’s probably going to sink

and the decision to snap away everyone and come up with this minigame and ‘maintenance’ stemmed when berezaa was drinking coffee at 1am while in vc


So David’s gone for real now…
and sk3’s on break.
the game’s shut down for a week

it’s all falling apart…

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yeah it’s a bit of a clickfest but I still hope Vesteria will be a good game for all audience

so many downhill, bad decision has been made as @Atom stated and
the community are basically Rogue lineage but less horny
(the VC are just screw up)

I really want Vesteria to become a huge game and did F2P right when it released to public

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wdym, are the rogue lineage players just after nsfw art or something

they like it alot, they even got their own R34 server

oh god-

R34?, im clueless

rule 34, uh, maybe search up a defintion, idk

we can’t explain it here
we must keep it PG 13

i now wish i didn’t search on school computer :sweat_smile: :scream:
they have this thing called securly and hapara, they block/ track websites & searches

It has been for a long time. Been saying it, people just can’t read the writing on the walls.

We can’t be sure until we see what happens in the next month or so. I’ll stick with Vesteria til the end.


I agree. Vesteria has potential, and it’s very sad to see everything going downhill.

I don’t know whether the games dying or not but a bit of advice for all of you if you don’t enjoy the game don’t keep playing it unless you come back and feel that you are in fact having fun again. Sticking with a game that brings you no entertainment makes it not a game and instead more like a chore.


It seems like the forums are slowly dying as well.

Also her said that you can keep the alive role if you get it in fight for life. What does that mean?

If you get 100 kills in that game without dying you get the role

yeah ik but it’s just a badge not really a role