Do you think the bounty book gamepass is worth it?

Today berezaa released a new gamepass, the bounty book.
Really its just the old bounty book as a gamepass, do you think this is worth it?
Currently only 3 people have bought it:

  • I think it is worth 300 robux right now
  • I do not think it is worth 300 robux right now

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if you dont think its worth it how much do you think its worth?

  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000

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Realistically I would expect anybody with the Bounty Book gamepass could just tell somebody what the mob drops are, as I’m not sure how many people will use the book primarily as a source of income though it’s difficult to predict as admittedly the death penalty has had its financial toll.

I imagine the gamepass will gain more value with the Whispering Dunes update. Already bought though.

From one of Berezaa eariler posts, he mentioned that the bounty book would cost from 400 - 1000 robux. I feel that at its current price it’s already considered pretty cheap.

Just bought the gamepass and honestly I feel like the price is just right.

Just bought it, idk if its worth it but at least its a form of support for devs

While the Bounty Book can form as a source of safely stored away money, it isn’t really worth it atm. If it included more information and tracked your kills (even after claiming all 3 bounties), people would be more inclined to purchase it. I bought it anyway because I have had Robux sitting around for quite a while now.

See, I don’t have the robux laying around to use, and i don’t think it’s worth the amount to have to buy some more. Farming guardians for cash is still plenty good, and you really don’t need the mobs drops. It’s not like knowing them will increase chances… Plus, everyone is just going to put the drops on the wiki anyways…

i think it is definetly useful, but I feel it should be a little lower.

right now it is really used for finding HP, getting some extra cash, and finding mob drops.

People are acting like we won’t get any new mobs on the future, it will increase it’s actual value once the game adds more mobs and content on upcoming updates.

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They should add a donate button imo, so you can donate like 50 robux to support devs without having to spend a lot more

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Good idea, I’ll write this down

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