Do you remember...?

Do you remember the old days of Vesteria? The days of Alpha and early Beta…
Let’s take a trip back then, and remember the good old days! (It’s still good now, just takin’ a trip down memory lane)

(I’m not doing this in order, just facts for that nostalgia feeling)

-Back in alpha & very early beta, Spider Queen fights every 12 hours (before SQR)

-The days of when SQ weapons went for a high price of 300-900s (Spider leg bow was really expensive from what I remember, about 700s) -Alpha

-back in Alpha and sometime after Beta, Colosseum was very popular and gained a huge amount of players to gain marks of valor for high leveled gear such as ravager vest, gladiator armor, etc.

-The time after beta released when archers (not the subclass, just hunters with SQ bow) could get super powerful arrow damage if they had max dexterity (people used this OP tactic for grinding SQR)

-Alpha & early Beta, Mage’s OP zap attack made grinding Colosseum & SQR pretty hard (now replaced with thundercall)

-Alpha & early Beta, Warrior’s Lunge Uppercut (pretty good move although hard to hit. when combined with combat roll, it was easier - in a way)

-Alpha & a bit past early Beta, The ORB in Nilgarf. Used to upgrade items for Mushcoins. (blessed items were OP)

-Alpha, Lil Pump as a placeholder for faction selection (I was Alpha, but I was too late to see him in person cri)

-Alpha, some of Beta, “Weird” cursed scroll buffs such as Magic / Physical / Ranged DEF and ATK. (Lol i got +9 ranged atk on my steel sword)

These are most of the things that I remember from Alpha and Beta. Please tell me if I missed something lol.

Get Nolstalgia’d


When cursed scrolls were way too overpriced and the economy was scuffed because of the whale


That sucked.

You’re just asking for it… Metapoly is going to nostalgia you so hard it’ll make this nostalgia seem like it was yesterdays update!

Bet you weren’t here for the bronze mace meta and ancients giving 20% weapon atk and 1 str.

And most memorably, farming spiders to 30.

Let’s take a look at this post.

I agree cuz i barely got to do it

twenty first night of september

I remember reading people talk about it on the forums. I was a poor boi so I didn’t get the alpha.

When Spider Fang Dagger had a 1/10k spiders drop chance…

Can you really call yourself a true alpha when you haven’t seen the best of the three Vesterian gods? Lil Pump was the greatest.

When you could get glitched mushcoins from the bluesteel chest in nilgarf sewers. (I shouldn’t have dropped them for a mere 50s :sob:).

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I was there in the play tests. Lil Pump was the one and only God. These new Vesteria players with their new crazy religions…

Remember when death penalty wasn’t a thing and we all just reset to group up or when we got lost? Good times.

I think I should leave this here (first spike is beta release, second is wipe)

Is that a price chart? The lines sorta make sense but the numbers… what do they mean?

Aye, a price chart. Values are recorded in mushcoin. So on this graph 1,000,000 mushcoin would equal 1 gold. Each point is an average sale recorded out of at least 10 sales taking place within a 3 day time frame. There are around 130 points on that graph per line, which is at least 1300 recorded values averaged out per item.

Once I have time, I will release a full report on the entirety of the changes in economy that took place in 2019.

I was! Got my warrior up to level 30, threw away a good 50 maces, gave up trying to level my mage to 30 in its mid-20s because the spider grind was so unbearable trying to beat lunge uppercut with a staff slap and basically nonfunctional magic bomb.

mfw no one remembers the green log

I do, it was at the campfire at seaside path.


My god. The log.