Do You Guys Think I'm A Lurker

Am I A Lurker, (That Is If You Know Me)
I Would Like To Know If You Guys Think I’m A Lurker If So I Will Try Harder To Be Part Of The Community

  • Yes
  • No
  • I Have Never Seen You B4

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I see you enough that I know who you are, so I say lurker not

I don’t think you are a lurker, I’ve seen you around a lot

I see you occasionally but see you enough that I know you.

Im a pro lurker

Wheres That Stingtail Chan Art :3


GiVe mE StInGtAiL-cHaN OR DuSt WoRm ChAn

U post pretty recently I dont think so

No idea who you are kid

No need to be toxic, peasant

The thing is no one knows who you are either

yea uh
who are you