Do not remove ticket from your inventory until you reach Forsaken Isle

It sucks when you get pushed off the boat, whether it’s due to trolling, bugs, or a mistake. It takes one second for 100s to be wasted and due to penalty and tax, that’s now a big loss.

the replies on this thread will most likely be just don’t fall lol it’s your fault if you do

Join a party with people on the boat, if you fall you wont be teleported. :joy:

I can relate to this from experiences in other games. You can avoid falling off as a result of trolling or a mistake, but you can’t avoid bugs. Also, the Forsaken Isle has that spawnpoint below the map, meaning there is a chance that the trip is wasted anyway (dying sends you back to your faction town).

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Usually you will just spawn on a branch and if you fall it is pretty much your fault