'Do Not Disturb' Toggle Switch

Walking around Vesteria, I notice a lot of players asking people to stop inviting them to duels, parties, or trade sessions. To solve this, I suggest a simple solution: a ‘do not disturb’ toggle switch. This could be accessed by clicking on your own player name, as you would to leave a party. Along with the buttons for parties, trades, and duels, there could be another switch. When turned on, other players would not be able to send that player requests of any kind. The people sending the invitation would receive an ‘invalid player: do not disturb’ message. It’s not necessarily an ‘AFK’ toggle switch, just an indication that the user does not want to receive invitations. This could help to prevent unwanted invitation spam, which is an increasingly common issue. While a relatively simple change, this small addition would improve the overall quality of life for players.

I don’t really see the harm in implementing a feature like this, especially with the death penalty impacting when players choose to accept duels. However, this could be greatly improved if each setting could be individually toggled. For instance, I could enable party and trade requests, but disable duel requests.

One question I have is, would these be settings for a player in a certain region (e.g. in Nilgarf my settings are allow all requests, but in Crossroads do not allow duel requests) or were you thinking they would just be universal?

They would be universal. I think it would be hard for a player to keep track of which settings they have enabled/disabled for a given region. Plus, having so many different toggle configurations would make the system susceptible to glitches. I do think the individual toggling would be a good improvement.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, especially for when you dont want to be bombarded with party invites when coming back from the gauntlet

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