Do giant spiderlings drop scrolls?

So like today i decided to roam around and i heard someone say that giant spiderlings drop scrolls, is this true? if yes what kind? tell me please thanks

Yes they do when the spider queen spawns them. They drop great and basic Def and atk

They Do Indeed Drop Scrolls, Just Wait For Colossal Spiderlings To Spawn

oh i see thanks

What do the colossals drop?

They can, but only the ones in the Queen room. All other locations are “drop-disabled”, meaning nothing can be dropped there. TBH I don’t really see a point, the Spiderlings loot pool is garbage.

Giant spiderlings in queen’s room are probably one of the best scroll farms lmao

Imagine using greats and basics :upside_down_face:

Pretty sure they can drop ancients

Imagine being rich

Basics are awesome now, so many upgrade slots … I can get +7 just from basic scrolls… Maybe gonna try for great (+2 each scroll, 7 upgrade slots… +14 total!!! Almost as much as what was once the best, +16!). Yeah, definitely gonna try for great… Gonna have to farm Shroompocalype a lot to get the Holy Scroll though…

Shut up I have almost 3G now because I have no use for Mushcoin (I’m max lvl, gotten all the best shop stuff)

It’s not that hard to get rich. I can consistently get 3-10g per hour in dunes soloing.

I got a whole inventory of stingtail staffs under 30 mins no joke!


Yes, and colossal spiderlings do too, I made a post on it here. Colossal Spiderling has been defeated!

Yo is that a Pristine Stingtail Staff? Is it for sale?

I just sell it at vendor

What class are you, what’s your skill/star setup

iv heard other people say the same thing but iv never seen them drop from the giant/colossal ones

They do, just not super often

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