Displaying wrong level when near a player

It displays everyone as level 10. This guy is level 6, but on the tab, it shows as level 10.

Are you sure?image

lol, nice edit

What edit???

And for some reason I can’t reset, and when I duel someone once then die, we can still attack each other, which means when we are killing monsters we will hit each other during PvE.

I’ve seen this before but I assume you need to be level 10 to duel players so maybe that’s why it shows level 10 on there.

We aren’t level 10 tho. And when I die, everybody goes invisible.

I’m saying they set it like that for the demo so you can duel people even if you’re not really level 10. Either that or it is actually a bug. And same goes for me, a lot of invisible people.