Discussion on Double Jump

Double Jump is a passive that has just about no drawbacks, you tap jump twice, you go twice as high and can jump over and around everything in your path.

Let’s compare this to Triple Slash, which gives you a third hit that does do more damage but can be hard to hit when focusing single targets. Arguably, regardless of whether you see Triple Slash having any drawbacks or not, Double Jump is a really strong ability.

Double Jump allows Hunters to play around the mob they’re focusing and they won’t get hit, and paired with their speed boots they can constantly run around and put in some decent damage with their abilities, if not strong damage.


  • Double Jump Cooldown - 1 second
  • Double Jump CD - 2 seconds
  • Double Jump CD - 3 or more seconds
  • Double Jump Mana Cost
  • Double Jump Mana Cost & Cooldown
  • Double Jump stays the same
  • Other (please say what)

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mana cost they need to be intelligent if they want to jump that much

At current, double jump is the single best movement ability in the game without any drawbacks. Cooldown might make it feel clunky and hunters might get angry about having their previously unrestricted mobility axed, but being hyper-mobile (to the point of making mages, with the best lateral mobility) seem very clunky is not balanced

Or just have double jumping weaken the more you use it in a short period of time.

Make it have a mana cost.

Make it so if you double jump you break your femur and your character goes into extreme pain while darkness consumes you and drives you insane.