Disable Player Names

With the recent stress test over with at the Spider Lair, I noticed one thing that bothered me the entire time. Player names taking up most of my screen. I ask for an option in the settings menu that disables all player names from appearing.

Here’s a picture I took during that entire mess

As you can see, there’s names literally every where. A simple option to disable them would be a nice quality of life change to have.

Good idea, you got my vote on it.

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^. You have mine as well

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You got mine

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This will be ideal for taking photos WITHOUT nametags covering things. Sin, I know you love to take photos

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Good idea, also the ability to disable seeing other people’s damage done to something would be nice… this would be why:


that 420


of course you would point that out


facepalm reaction is needed


i’ll take that optin too

Good suggestions.



cough 15 Votes and not implemented? gasp

Yea ikr. The tag thing also has like 16 votes and it’s not here yet either, but that is something kinda not necessary I guess…

Got my vote too

I like this idea, all the nametags appearing at once ruins the immersion.

I’m reviving this because it has literally 20 VOTES! That must mean something right?

An option to disable Player names and other Player’s Damage numbers would be a great quality of life change this game needs, specially for boss fights. In the future, imagine doing a raid but not being able to see what’s going on with all the names and damage numbers on your screen.

I know Poly said,

but I haven’t heard anything about this since then.

If you haven’t already, please Vote if you support this idea and reply with your thoughts below! :heart:

This will help us photographers out :slight_smile:


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This has 25 votes, why hasn’t this been added yet?