Difficulty levels for Dungeons

so there are dungeons. and there are doing dungeons again. and again. and again. and again. and again. and again. and again. etc. this gets very repetitive and boring. please add difficulty levels for dungeons. say easy difficulty on spider queen would give you extra time, and there would be less rooms, and you would be able to respawn once the team gets to the next room. then there would be normal, witch is how things are now, then there would be hard. hard would add more rooms, more giants, and make all giants super giants, and have less time. there would then be INSANELY hard(2 times difficulty of hard) also, dungeons should be randomly generated(if you can script that) to keep it fun.
there should also be a solo option on the dungeons, that lets you solo, to keep it more fun. also, thee should be worse exp and drops in the easy mode, and better exp and drops in hard
please consider this, because dungeons get VERY boring and i would like an extra challenge, and i’m pretty sure many others agree with me

anybody like this idea?..

i love the idea


do you have any ideas that i should add to the post?

Easy possible and impossible/insane


uh, ok ill add an insainly hard one

kk (why the 5 word minimum bully me :c)


do u have suggestions on what are in each of the extra rooms?
can you be more specific about how much harder insanely hard is?
and if you have done all of this, would you really honestly prefer the developers spend another 2 months working on difficulty modes for spider queen dungeon, rather than doing things such as fixing bugs, creating NEW dungeon or even working on something such as seasonal events??

I think there should be new and harder rooms a dungon for example in easy the parkour can be a bunch of easy jumps in medium the obby should be harder and in hard the obby should have a insta - death pit

There will be different designs for each level like mazes , obbys and miniboses and dungons should have less "clear all the mobs’ types of rooms

The enimies should scale in level and size for each difficulty and the boss of the dungon should have more hp and damage and have extra abilities with a harder difficulty

There also should be a timer to do each room. This will prevent people to exploit a certin room in a dungon to gain exp.If the timer is reached the room will be filled with unkillable mobs

This kind of idea has been proposed already. Use the search bar next time before posting. @meta close?

this would be for all duengions, not only sqr

you spoke a lot about rooms and spider queen dungeon is the only one with rooms right now

yes, but new dungeons are planed

The order should be…
Easy, Hard, Insane, Impossible, NIGHTMARE.

OH YEA. nightmare sqr =
5 muinets, 30 rooms, have to do solo, all normal mobs turned giant, giant turned to super giant, super giant turned to colosal, and all mobs have 10X hp

add the difficulties in ror2 then ber might get interested

whats ror2?

Spider queen duengon will get a level cap of 30 so forsaken isle will become a party quest that you can do from 30 to 40

And lastly there will be whispering dune duengon thats a level 40 to 50 duengon.

Eventually we will get a raid that will proably be a level 50+ massive duengon raid. That will be cery hard to complete and people are likely going to bw required to have a decent gear and neef to coummnicate Which each other