Diamond mushcoins?

I know there is a gold mushcoin but what about a DIAMOND one. I think it would be pretty cool. The next mushcoin could also be platinum after gold. Who knows?

there isn’t another type of Mushcoin in the game yet. there might be sometime in the future

it wouldn’t be diamond most RPG games go; Copper > Silver > Gold > Platinum as final currency.

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yea i was thinking maybe it would be platinum

i like that ideaa after platnium

copper > silver > gold > platinum > diamond > plutonium > unobtanium > antimatter

progressing ores just like all of berezaas games lol

if anyone did get 1000 plat when plat is a thing i would say titanium
because its that nice metal equal to platinum, and plus all these coins are metals diamonds are a type of crystal :]

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lol it just suddenly becomes ores and not coins anymore

I’d say Copper > Silver > Gold > Platinum > Palladium > Titanium > Unobtanium

Plus thinking normally if you had an antimatter coin, any matter it touches it basically because a high powered TSAR Bomb in the palm of your hand but that’s thinking if the game really wanted that much realism XD which is possible but ya we all know the answer to that.

Also by this 1 Unobtanium = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Copper Coins :]
which already 1 Gold = 1,000,000 Copper Coins

I think the unobtanium code by that rule will be… unobtainable

They probably won’t because I have a gold coin and it was so hard to grind for that maybe if its like 100 gold then it would be like platinum but most likely not.

lol to get diamond mushcoin is go underground just go to layer 12 duhhhh!1111

did you just make a minecraft joke

no im be serious.

There’s honestly no point in worrying what comes after Gold coins. It will be a while before anyone gets that much currency legit.

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Yea im not worrying about it but its nice to think about what it may be

If i farm on my current warrior account i can get to maybe 10G in around 1-2 days at this current mob lvl of lvl 15 spiders.

10 Gold in 1-2 days? I’d be impressed and also horribly worried about your health. You’d most likely have to play vesteria the entire day.

Not like I’ve already done that, I got a lvl 30 Warrior, Lvl 25 Mage, Lvl 25 Hunter. I started really playing on the 6th and I stopped farming on the 8th or so. :]

Jeez bro, no offense but do you have a life?