Dexterity Doesn't Register Basic Attacks

I know this has been mentioned before, but it’s been for so long that this has been a problem. With high dexterity, your double and triple slashes as warrior just don’t register. I have to slow down my attacks and wait for a bit before I attack an enemy with double and triple slash to make sure the attacks actually register. Because of this bug, dexterity in a way lowers attack speed as the fast second and third hits don’t even register. The one thing dexterity warriors had going for them besides critical chance doesn’t work.
After more testing I’ve noticed that it applies at 70 dexterity or higher, meaning that the 20% attack speed perk halves your DPS entirely, or reduces it by 2/3 with triple slash! If this were to be fixed dexterity would once again be viable for Berserkers.
Once again, I’ve noticed another problem. This only occurs when you are dual wielding, meaning that you have higher DPS when using one sword because double and triple slash work. I’m assuming this means that the bug relates to the dual wielding animation.

This is a known bug which has been mentioned quite a few times before. Please use the search bar next time before posting thanks.

I would like to quote my first 7 words on this post, “I know this has been mentioned before.” The developers have never fixed it and it has been broken since subclasses released, that’s months now that dexterity breaks your character. Considering it’s been months of a bug that literally halves your DPS and the developers obviously aren’t going to see the other reports that got burried by countless other bug reports, it’s time for it to be brought up again because it never gets fixed or even addressed by the developers. So please don’t “use search bar before posting, thanks.”