Dexterity at Lvl. 36. Intellect at 3. Not very smart, am I? (This is just a joke)

Yeah, this was just me messing around, until I just went to take a look at this. This was just to let off steam.

Yeah, those are pretty good stats, though you might want to invest in STR a bit, and not to make INT higher than 10.

Wait, why not? Still kinda new to the whole thing, sooooo…

STR would give the Hunter a bit of sustainability and more physical damage (a lil more ranged damage too, but DEX mostly influences that). INT will allow you to use skills more often, which would be useful for a high DEX player (such as you rn) who can use dagger throw. You shouldn’t upgrade it that high, since it won’t increase your damage by much. VIT shouldn’t be invested in atm.

If you wish to look for more info about how damage works and stuff, this topic will help a lot.


Alrighty, thanks!

I just read the post earlier. But wait, what does it mean, “Dodge weaker attacks.”?

I don’t believe dodging weaker attacks is implemented yet.

Oh. So currently, it’s useless. I thought it acted like defense for some reason. XD

But, if you don’t plan on investing into STR, your build would make a very good Ranger subclass for Hunter in the future.

Oh, alright. Yeah, well this is the file where I mainly invest into Dexterity, sooo… No STR soon. XD Yeah, but quick question.

What do they have planned for “dodging”? Do you sidestep out of the way? Does it just say “Nope” and not take any points of HP? Wut?

I think it will just be either no damage or drastically reduced damage.

Oh. Yeah, I agree. Might be one of the two.

… Meta, can I ask you a favor?