Dex is pointless. How I think it should help

Dexterity is useless.
It was good before because it made bows do op damage and mages got multibomb
but now bows do like 1.5x more damage then just 1 arrow str

Multibomb is really good don’t get me wrong
but hunters are now all strength
If you go dex on any hunter the ONLY benefit you will get is another arrow that ends up dealing less damage then if you just put those points into int
even ranger stance doesn’t help
that “dexascrit” stat is cool and all because you can get 100% crit, but why bother when you can do 20k damage per arrow just by slapping on a moglo mask and getting 170 str?

The hunter faction should be dexterity based
don’t buff it to alpha bow hunter op
but I’d say atleast make ranger get buffed off of dex

How to do this?
I’d say add a new stat which is “critasPYS”
It would take your crit chance (100% because of the “dexascrit” perk) and just copy the number over so you have 100% PYS attack with 100% crit
this would be op so I would make max crit chance 90% so you only do around 10k damage a shot and 15k on a crit
This would make dex ranger the way to go and allow dex to actually be used and be the meta for a class

I would like to hear your thoughts on this as it’s not a refined idea
but I’d think that it would make dex a little bit less of a meme speed stat and into an actual viable stat in today’s meta and make str more of a melee only stat.

before balance changes: wow dex is op hunter get shotgun nref it plzzz cmon
after balance changes: DeX So WEAk buFF iT NoWWw


that’s typical of every update

Yeah I mean dex will never be a balanced stat because the devs are either completely destroying it or making it op