Devolutioner's guide to farm easier, level up faster, and grind harder! (also extra tips)

Hey! My name is Devolutioner, i am a level 30 hunter. You might see me occasionally online playing, and i have been asked for a couple of times to make a guide on how to farm, level up, and grind. And here’s my guide to all of that!

Quick Note for high leveled people:
Okay, since the big XP Curve came, less and less people have been able to reach a level beyond 25, and for me i think instead of going above lvl 25 which is nearly impossible (considering the content we have now) i say you should just stop between lvl 20 to 25. and make a new character since its easier and less time wasting.

Farming is an essential part of every MMORPG, and this game is no different. My suggestions for if you want to farm quick silvers and weapons should be at Seaside Path where theres a lot of crabs which drops everything from Axes to Scrolls. If you are above level 15, i suggest farming at spiders because you are able to get an absurd amount of scrolls easier and a lot of weapon for every classes easy which you can sell for even more Silver!

Leveling up. Come on, who doesnt want to level up? If you want to level up fast, i suggest creating a party of 6 people which will increase your XP gain by 20%. Usually just by asking “Who needs a party?” or “Can i join any party?” should be fast enough to fill a party up or join a party extremely fast unless your name is 20 characters long with caps. Killing Mushrooms should be pretty simple, i suggest farming mushrooms from lvl 1 until lvl 5, when you are lvl 5 go to the Mushroom Grotto and farm Elders there until you are level 7 or level 10 (depends on what you want to do), and then farm Crabs until a certain level which you can use your highest leveled gear which should be 15(?). After that, continue to farm Spiders until your hands feel numb. The most important part is to make full parties or joining parties so you have a 20% XP boost which is really useful

boy oh boy is this game grindy as heck. My tips for grinding isnt much, you only need to manage your time, feel lucky or no and not get bored. Managing your time is easy on Fridays - Sundays. other than that you need to use your brain to manage your time. Feeling Lucky is hard, as you guys now XP Curve is really big now, and my tips for that is Feeling Lucky in waiting Giant enemies or hope for no bugs to get in your way. Not Getting Bored is the hardest part, i have lived for 15 years and i have NEVER played a single game for more than 14 hours except Vesteria, my advice of not getting bored is either have a discord server and talk with people casually, a total introvert, playing other games (NOT RECOMMENDED), or just have no brain cells and brain dead 24/7 like me.
(scroll down for extra grinding tips)


It depends on what class you want to go tho, if you want hunter spread your stats into STR and DEX casually, most people put some points into VIT which is (imo) useless. Hunters should have the easiest gameplays because they put their stats into STR and DEX. Warriors should put their stats into STR and DEX too, putting some in VIT shouldnt be a big trouble if its less than 5 VIT. also has a rough early-midgame but should be able to snowball lategame. Mages are hard, if you want to be a mage then i suggest putting all your stats into INT and putting all your adventurer skills on rock throwing, has a really hard game until you turn into a mage, which you should use the skill on the bomb.

Scrolls are good, you want to use scrolls on your strongest weapon. Find the topic “My knowledge of how scrolls work” made by my man YujiPlayz but im gonna do a brief explanation on them. 100% Scrolls are the worst because they upgrade your weapon just by a little bit, 70% Scrolls are the best as of now that i can see, They give a good amount of damage. 10% Scrolls are truly mysterious, they give a LOT of damage and STR. You can upgrade your weapon 7 times combined with ANY scrolls and any weapons, if you fail to upgrade your weapon, the scroll disappears and you lose 1 attempt at upgrading your weapon.

extra grinding tips:
So, you’ve been grinding for an hour, and got 40k xp, you might think “only 40k? i should’ve gotten more! i grinded way harder than yesterday!” well lemme give you some spicy tips.
numero uno (number 1)
look at scrolls, now look at your sword, now look at your level. do you have the highest leveled weapon you can use with the most 10/70% scrolls you can put in a weapon, the more 10% the better.
big boy preparation (number 2)
before grinding, eat, drink, take a dump or pee, and then remember to manage your time. and then when you know theres nothing left in your way, G R I N D L I K E T H E R E S T O M O R R O W !

what you lookin at this for? (last tip)
right, so this is the most important tip for grinding. you know when i said try to not get bored? do stuff in the mean time like having a discord server? so, that was a mistake. by having someone else to talk to, you’re getting distracted at the same time. And this, is the most important grinding tip.
Do NOT get distracted. The reason why you’re not level 30? you kept getting distracted. The reason why you dont have a strong weapon? you didnt grind enough because you got distracted. So, remember to NOT get distracted.

Also remember to have fun!

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