Developer Update: Weapon rarity + perks, ability Improvements, enchantment & money reset, oh joy!

Hi all-

A ton of factors including +80 steel swords effectively being level 60 items under the new atk/def formula, exploiting/TOD/dev screw ups ravaging the economy, our desire to implement a new weapon perks system and redo the scrolling system and other stuff is leading us to believe that an enchantment and money wipe is required.

What is coming:

  • Equipment tiers (i.e. shop items = common, quest/chest items = rare, boss raid items = legendary. Higher tier items get more upgrade slots and have unique perks)
  • All equipment at the same level having the same numbers (i.e. all Level 20 staffs, swords, daggers, bows will all have the exact same base weapon attack on them- regardless of rarity)
  • Dynamic equipment perks on rare+ items (i.e. Webbed Staff applies slowness to enemies hit with its basic attack, Royal Fang steals MP from enemies hit, Spider Fang dagger applies poison to enemies hit with its basic attack, Solar Staff launches 3 smaller golden magic bombs instead of 1 large blue bomb, Batty Dagger removes the cooldown of Shadow Step, allowing you to use it nonstop until your MP runs out, etc.). By standardizing the number values of all equipment and adding unique perks like this, choosing the optimal equipment becomes up to your gameplay preference rather than just a numbers game.
  • Class perks to balance & distinguish the three classes instead of using equipment numbers
  • Ranging Gear not being useless
  • Tier 2 colo weps and colo bow
  • Ability pre-requisites (i.e. Magic Bomb requires Lvl.3 Zap to unlock, Ground Slam requires Level.3 Quick Slash to unlock, etc.)

What is getting reset:

  • The enchantments/upgrades/attempts on all equipment
  • Money

What is NOT getting reset:

  • Your level & class
  • The items in your inventory/storage
  • Dyes, custom item names and item lore on your equipment

When this is happening

A small update to improve the ability upgrading experience, fix bugs, Zap overhaul and the new adventurer ability is scheduled for today. Everything else is scheduled for release on September 7th, Exactly 2 weeks from today. We also expect to make groundbreaking progress on subclasses during these two weeks, thanks to the new addition of Davidii to our team as a contractor. The next major update after the item enchantments overhaul is expected to be a level cap expansion and the release of subclasses.

Personal note

I hear you on poor communication and transparency with big changes and updates. I’ll be pushing myself to regularly make these announcements and try to share our thought processes and answer questions/concerns on a public forum.

We’ve spent a lot of time struggling with productivity and team dynamic issues, and also grappling with rework after rework. A free release of the game is eventually planned, so a lot of these harsh changes have been experiments to see if we can morph the game into something more palatable. Many of these experiments have been poorly communicated and a lot were downright mistakes. That being said, I think we’re at a point where we have a clear vision for the game again- and that’s important to have to keep going forward. We’re in content mode now baby, and we’re excited to deliver that good stuff again.

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Must be a dumb question but I’m guessing Ethyr isn’t being reset along with Mushcoin? I like to clarify things :kissing:

Other than that it’s gucci for me :grin:

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Will I be allowed to refund my dyes and name tags on my tomahawk? The enchantments on it will be lost, as you have said, hence making it pointless for me to have named it now.

F for first red tomahawk
This was during a diff update, it’s red atm

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Can we atleast have the option to wipe our slots with a couple presses of a button, I screwed up some of my slots and want a restart, I wanted a wipe and since its not going to fully happen, I want the choice. Thanks.

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are you going to look into making scrolls less rare than they currently are now? or is there a hidden solution in place to prevent scroll inflations again?

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Welp time to spend all of my gold


thank you

It’s been a while since we got a post from the devs like this
All this upcoming stuff is really cool, looking forward to the unique weapon functions like the Solar Staff, Royal Fang and the Tier 2 Colo weapons

Yeah. A traveling merchant is planned and he said will cursed atk cost 1g each and other scrolls will be there too. But I dunno any other way he plans to make it easier to gain

And another question, will lucky boots get reset to worn boots, because i can sell them for a high price right now or keep them to serve their purpose, whats going to happen?

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Time to stock up on cursed scrolls for weapon upgrades

I was originally pretty skeptical about an enchantment and money wipe, and to an extent I still am (majority of my concerns can be found in this post) but I must admit I’m interested in seeing how these changes play out and how they affect the meta of the game.

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Ethyr will not be reset, nor will any premium items or their effects on equipment (dyes, name tags, etc.)

Since I started playing I saved up all my money to buy some good scrolled equipment. With around 3 Gold I wanted to buy a good sword and maybe armor. Now money and scrolls get wiped, I feel like I wasted my time, that feeling is very sad. Are there Things I should invest my money into? So that the money isn’t completely useless in the end?

Glad these things are going to take place.

The only problem is that people are going to mass buy scrolls from unaware players then those unaware players would suffer the most from the wipes.

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perhaps they could notify with ingame notices?
they do have those as im aware

Wiping slots is tricky. We need to make sure that we implement it in a way that there is absolutely no room for abuse/mistakes. My current plan is to implement a shadowy NPC that you can talk to about wiping your slot. You would have to return to the NPC 24 hours after first talking to them in order to confirm that you want to wipe your slot, at which point your data on that file would be deleted. This is something I plan to do but my immediate schedule is filled by other things.

are the mage bugs fixed yet? (flinging around the map and away from NPCs)

If he wipes your slot, would the stuff in the bank be kept or not?

Something I forgot to add on was if you’re planning to communicate with the community more, will you begin doing dev streams again? I liked watching them and when you discussed upcoming content