Dev please read

I bought this game a month ago and I’ve enjoyed it since but the UI covering the jump button for mobile STILL hasn’t been fixed and I’ve been waiting for almost 2-3 weeks and the devs said it would be fixed in a couple of days… this makes the mobile experience almost unplayable because I cant pick up items or jump i haven’t been playing vesteria all day like i used to. I check everyday so see if the game updates and if it did i join to See if the bug is fixed BUT it hasn’t been for almost 3 weeks and you guys said it would be fixed in a matter of days and school I’s almost back… I havent played vesteria in about 2 weeks I’m just waiting for the bug to be fixed and honestly it feels like devs just forgot about it… and it’s really not that hard just resize the hot bar and move the monster book and setting option!!!

this is known already

Then what is being done about it

it has been “known” for 3 weeks and the mobile community cannot wait any longer

The developers haven’t taken action and instead are focused on glitches on pc and updating pc gameplay… there hasn’t been a mobile update in 3 weeks they say they know but they haven’t done anything and it’s really not that hard to fix… instead there focused on fixing roofs in nilgarf._.

There are still a bunch of reports about this. We don’t need anymore

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But we need to know what is being done about it it’s very simple to solve just move the buttons around the developers have known about this for 3 weeks and still haven’t taken action but they’ve been updating the game for the past week and haven’t thought once about fixing the bug I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks and I cant play my favorite game because of this bug

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Berezza has already addressed this. The devs have a long list of bugs to deal with. They also went to RDC which took up some time. Just be patient.

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“For a couple of days” it’s been 3 weeks and they’ve been updating left and right but this still hasn’t been fixed this is more important than some dumb NPC not interacting with players if you knew how it felt you would know why I am so upset if u couldn’t jump in vesteria youd know the struggle I can wait another week but no more then that because I’ve been waiting for almost a month for what should’ve been “a couple of days” good night.

I know how you feel. In Alpha you couldn’t even get in the game. Vesteria was under maintenance for around a week and another bug made it unplayable for a lot of people for a long time.


This bug is not their fault and needs roblox to help them fix it. It’s going to take time I’m just chillin. Hope I don’t miss out on updates Dx

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K sorry I just feel like this is one of those rare good mobile games with mobile support so if it doesn’t work properly it feels like a waste of robux and time.

Good night guys.

Yea just be patient. Many Mac players can’t play either. Most of this is because Roblox

Good night

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K thx

Good night :+1:

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Mods please close this topic. It has already been resolved as of yesterday.

How tho? Mobile UI is still broken

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Oh oops. Misread the post.