Dev map leaks?!?!?! zomg!

warning major spoilers if you really love the idea of surprises and dont want to see previews then dont read on

this is apparently a very vague idea/concept of what the full map is supposed to look like in the future, the town with the red buildings is where you start i think and the zone to the north is the current demo location

also here is the colosseum, its very colossal lol
i(dot)gyazo(dot)com/aa3967c132be59bda11db1124a83ebe4.png (outside of the colosseum)

and heres scallop shores

heres the amazing warrior stronghold where not just adventurers but the legendary warriors (lol weak demo guy by shrooms joke) reside and train!
i(dot)gyazo(dot)com/5c6210e1c6fd9c335ff0714186c4ad1a.png (inside view)
i(dot)gyazo(dot)com/0cf43040d6949f3d79cfebca5b9396c5.png (blacksmith area)
i(dot)gyazo(dot)com/18d25452ac7894ee39d05c5f3b08359c.png (blacksmith’s wares)

aaand heres a complete list of all places/zones/locations included in vesteria presently (2 of them are obviously just testing places)

obviously replace all of the (dot)'s with .'s
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dev leaks zomg ezpz d_stroid rekted?
yes im that guy who’s toxic and rude and ruins things muahahahahahaha
enjoy dev leaks

the Colosseum has been announced before numerous times

so has the scallop shores but the name was never officially announced

haven’t seen/heard of any previews of colosseum, but i know scallop shores has
but ok edited


this has been confirmed multiple times and the devs aren’t exactly subtle when they spoil stuff for us
(link to the post where i talk about this exact thing)

btw the all of the gyazo links are terribly broken and don’t work

they do if you remove the “i” “(dot)” and “.png”

idk why he did that he can just post links here there’s no censoring to links

it says to replace the (dot)s with .'s

and there is censoring to links apparently, it said i can’t post links or pictures
also you only have to replace the dots you don’t have to remove the i’s or png’s

did you just join?

i mean this is pretty obviously an alt right

yea and also the warrior stronghold has also been fully released before

still, I have talked about all of this before and this is just old news
(link to the post where I talk about leaks 'n stuff + mention the castle)