Detailed Info for Stats

(I know you guys are going to do this)

Add specific numbers, percentages, etc for the 4 stats. For example:
if you have (x) DEX, then you have a (y%) chance of hitting a critical strike.

if you have (x) DEX, then you run for (y) longer or regain (z) stamina faster

if you have (x) STR, then you do (y) damage with your basic attack

if you have (x) STR, then you resist (y%) of physical attacks

if you have (x) INT, then your magic abilities do (y%) more damage

if you have (x) INT/VIT, then your MP/HP rate is (y)/second, etc

These r just examples…That I hope will be added later, NO RUSH

Every Point Of DEX Adds 0.05 Of The Base Stamina. Also I’m Pretty Sure Every Point Of STR Just Increases Damage By 1.

We plan on being much more detailed with stats and abilities soon.

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it doesn’t say that in-game, and that’s what should be added