Detailed Crafting & Profession Suggestion

Crafting would give a new way of obtaining items and add some depth! It’s also one of the pillars of acquisition of equipment, the other being PvE and quests.

The goal of this suggestion is to ensure there’s detail and to ensure that crafting is viable whether in early game, mid game or even endgame.

There would be four gathering professions.
You can do all four of them as multiple manufacturing recipes will use multiples of them.

  • Mining - Gather ores. Copper, tin, iron, coal, mithril, and orichalcum.
  • Woodcutting - Gather wood. Oak, willow, maple, ironwood, and elder wood.
  • Foraging - Gather plants. Herbs, mushrooms, berries, fruits, and vegetables, you name it!
  • Fishing - Gather fish. Fish up more exotic and interesting fish at higher levels.

There would be six crafting professions.
You can only have two professions but Cooking doesn’t count towards the slots. You can purchase additional profession slots if you hate having to use alts, even be able to have all professions.

  • Cooking - Make food. Always available.
  • Alchemy - Make potions.
  • Scribe - Make scrolls.
  • Smithing - Make metal weapons and armour.
  • Tailoring - Make leather and cloth armour.
  • Woodworking - Make staffs, bows, and crossbows.

For equipment crafting, there will be four categories:

  • Adventurer - Can be used by all classes. Jeweler and equipment below level 10, but also rare recipes of level 10 and higher.
  • Warrior - Equipment that can only be used by warriors.
  • Hunter - Equipment that can only be used by hunters.
  • Mage - Equipment that can only be used by mages.

Professions would be divided in six tiers to keep it simple.

  • Tier 1: Levels 01-09
  • Tier 2: Levels 10-19
  • Tier 3: Levels 20-29
  • Tier 4: Levels 30-39
  • Tier 5: Levels 40-49
  • Tier 6: Levels 50+

As you gather materials, you will gain XP in gathering skills. Levelling up will allow you to gather higher tier of materials with ease, and even increase gathering rate. Levelling up your professions won’t take long.

As you craft equipment, whether you succeed or fail, you will gain XP in crafting skills. As you level up, you will unlock new recipes and the chance of failure is reduced. Crafting levels 1-59 are for unlocking new recipes while level 60+ is purely for increasing chance.

Generally, it will be worth keeping on levelling. You could unlock the recipe for a tier 6+ legendary level 50 warrior weapon but it has only 20% chance of success at profession level 59 and levelling to 60 bumps that to 22%. So you’d want to keep levelling until it finally hits 100% at level 99. It will be very time-consuming and expect the weapon to require lots of expensive and hard-to-get materials to make.

Crafting professions are capped at 99, which at this point, ALL recipes have 100% success rate. You can purchase a skillcape once you hit 99! Show off your mastery in crafting!

In order to do the crafting process, you will have to do the following:

  • Step 1: Get a tool. You will be given starter tools and the tools can be upgraded with better tiers for better chance of gathering resources.
  • Step 2: Locate a resource node like ore vein, fallen logs, some plants, or fishing spots. Plants and logs will sparkle.
  • Step 3: Click on resource node to attempt to gather. If you have the level, you will get the resources.
  • Step 4: Head over to refining stations like furnace and tanner, you will find them in every town.
  • Step 5: Process raw materials into refined materials that are ready to be used in crafting!
  • Step 6: Use the crafting stations. This will bring up a GUI for selecting crafting recipes. If you have the levels and materials, you can finally craft the item! Craft away! You’ll play a minigame that is either easy or hard depending on recipe difficulty and your level.
  • Step 7: Enjoy your crafted item! Use them or sell them for profit!


  • To craft a bronze sword, you would need bronze ingots and a piece of oak plank.
  • To craft a bronze armour, you would need bronze ingots but also a piece of leather.
  • To scribe, you will need to make some special magical papers and ink, to carefully write scrolls.
  • To craft hunter armour, you’d need to gather leather. Leather can be obtained from mobs that have some hides or leathers. Example: hogs would drop tier 1 leather.

You can fail to craft and lose 50% of your materials. Increasing your crafting skill level will reduce chance of failing. There could also be pity system if you fail to make item several times in a row, the next item will be guaranteed success, to reduce frustration. Tier 1 crafting has high success chance to aid newer players.

There are different recipes: Standard (learned by levelling Crafting), Special (dropped by bosses and from quests), and Risky (always have chance to fail regardless of level.) Risky recipes have success chance capped at 70%.

This is a non-exhaustive list of potential recipes. Plus indicates it’s rare and hard-to-craft. Ideally, there should be a LOT of recipes for each profession so they would feel so fleshed out and not barren.

  • Cooking

    • T1 - Roast Hog Meat
    • T1 - Fish Soup
    • T1± Fish Chowder
    • T1± Basic Mushroom Soup (Heals 25% HP. Rare rarity.)
    • T2 - Bread (Made from hay)
    • T2 - Muffin (Made from hay, eggs, and bag of sugar)
    • T2 - Pear Juice
    • T2± Rockfish Soup
    • T3 - Mighty Sub (Bread + Roast Hog Meat + Cheese)
    • T3 - Banana Smoothie
    • T3± Longfish Soup
    • T3± Advanced Mushroom Soup (Heals 50% HP. Epic rarity.)
    • T4± Zebrafish Soup
    • T5± Deluxe Mushroom Soup (Heals all HP. Epic rarity.)
  • Alchemy

    • T1 - Red Potion
    • T1 - Blue Potion
    • T2 - Big Red Potion
    • T2 - Big Blue Potion
    • T2 - Strength Potion
    • T2 - Dexterity Potion
    • T2 - Intelligence Potion
    • T2 - Vitality Potion
    • T3 - Orange Potion
    • T3 - Purple Potion
    • T3± Flagon of Red Potion
    • T3± Horn of Red Potion
    • T3± Chalice of Red Potion
    • T3± Silver Cup of Red Potion
    • T3± Spider’s Essence
    • T4 - Big Orange Potion
    • T4 - Big Purple Potion
    • T4 - Greater Strength Potion
    • T4 - Greater Dexterity Potion
    • T4 - Greater Intelligence Potion
    • T4 - Greater Vitality Potion
    • T5 - Health Elixir
    • T5 - Mana Elixir
    • T5± Greater Flagon of Red Potion
    • T5± Greater Horn of Red Potion
    • T5± Greater Chalice of Red Potion
    • T5± Greater Silver Cup of Red Potion
    • T6 - Health + Mana Elixir
  • Scribe

    • T1 - Basic Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T1 - Basic Armour DEF Scroll
    • T2 - Great Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T2 - Great Armour DEF Scroll
    • T2± Perfect Great Weapon ATK Scroll (Never fails)
    • T2± Perfect Great Armour DEF Scroll (Never fails)
    • T3 - Ancient Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T3 - Ancient Armour DEF Scroll
    • T3± Perfect Ancient Weapon ATK Scroll (Never fails)
    • T3± Perfect Ancient Armour DEF Scroll (Never fails)
    • T4 - Cursed Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T4 - Cursed Armour DEF Scroll
    • T4 - Scroll of Crafting Recovery (Prevents loss of materials when failing to craft)
    • T4± Blessed Weapon ATK Scroll (Doesn’t destroy item)
    • T4± Blessed Armour DEF Scroll (Doesn’t destroy item)
    • T5 - Inferno Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T5 - Inferno Armour DEF Scroll
    • T5± Perfect Inferno Weapon ATK Scroll (Never fails)
    • T5± Perfect Inferno Armour DEF Scroll (Never fails)
    • T6 - Divine Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T6 - Divine Armour DEF Scroll
    • T6± Transcendental Weapon ATK Scroll
    • T6± Transcendental Armour DEF Scroll
  • Smithing

    • T1 - Bronze Weapons (Mace, Maul, Sword, Dagger, Axe)
    • T1 - Bronze Armour (Helmet, Boots, Armour, Shield)
    • T1± Honed Bronze Weapons (Take existing weapon and try to upgrade it. Risky.)
    • T1± Plated Bronze Armour (Take existing armour and try to upgrade it. Risky.)
    • T1± Crab Claw Weapons (Adventurer)
    • T1± Crab Chitin Armour (Adventurer)
    • T2 - Iron Weapons (Mace, Maul, Sword, Dagger, Axe)
    • T2 - Iron Armour (Helmet, Boots, Armour, Shield)
    • T2± Honed Iron Weapons
    • T2± Plated Iron Armour
    • T3 - Steel Weapons (Mace, Maul, Sword, Dagger, Axe)
    • T3 - Steel Armour (Helmet, Boots, Armour, Shield)
    • T3± Honed Steel Weapons
    • T3± Plated Steel Armour
    • T3± Spider Chitin Armour (Warrior)
    • T3± Spider Chitin+Silk Armour (Hybrid, Adventurer-usable)
    • T4 - Mithril Weapons (Mace, Maul, Sword, Dagger, Axe)
    • T4 - Mithril Armour (Helmet, Boots, Armour, Shield)
    • T4± Honed Mithril Weapons
    • T4± Plated Mithril Armour
    • T4± Tribal Warrior Armour (Warrior)
    • T5 - Orichalcum Weapons (Mace, Maul, Sword, Dagger, Axe)
    • T5 - Orichalcum Armour (Helmet, Boots, Armour, Shield)
    • T5± Honed Orichalcum Weapons
    • T5± Plated Orichalcum Armour
    • T5± Dragonbone Weapons (Axe for Adventurer, Sword for Warrior, Dagger for Hunter)
    • T5± Dragonbone Armour (Helmet, Boots, Armour.)
    • T5± Dragonbone-scale Armour (Hybrid, Adventurer-usable.)
  • Tailoring

    • T1 - Bandit Armour
    • T1 - Apprentice Robes
    • T2 - Skirmisher Armour
    • T2 - Magus Robes
    • T2± Yeti Fur Armour (Adventurer)
    • T3 - Marauder Armour
    • T3 - Lunar Robes
    • T3± Spider Silk Armour (Hunter)
    • T3± Spider Silk Robes (Mage)
    • T4 - Raider Armour
    • T4 - Mystical Robes
    • T4± Tribal Headhunter Armour (Hunter)
    • T4± Witchdoctor Robes (Mage)
    • T5 - Cutthroat Armour
    • T5 - Archmage Robes
    • T5± Dragonscale Armour (Hunter)
    • T5± Dragonscale Robes (Mage)
  • Woodworking

    • T1 - Oak Weapons (Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Staff)
    • T1 - Oak Shield
    • T2 - Willow Weapons (Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Staff)
    • T2 - Willow Shield
    • T3 - Maple Weapons (Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Staff)
    • T3 - Maple Shield
    • T3± Batty Staff
    • T4 - Ironwood Weapons (Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Staff)
    • T4 - Ironwood Shield
    • T5 - Elder Weapons (Axe, Bow, Crossbow, Staff)
    • T5 - Elder Shield
    • T5± Dragonbone Staff (Mage)

Please no. I don’t wanna grind so much. By the way, I think it wouldn’t make sense to have a profession level higher than the max character level. And I feel that crafting legendary equipment even if it has a Low success chance, is still too op.

Good idea, but the classic click for an animation way of gathering is terrible. You should really just have a minigame and depending on how well you do you get more of that resource, preventing ark autoclickers and spicing up long grind sessions.