Depression at its finest

Backstory: So I was fighting SQR with a party of 5, and literally three of my companions died a sad death in the 4th stage (parkour stage). Two of us are left, me (a ranger) and an assassin.

My partner and I were at the final stage. The queen had less than a third of its health and was about to die. My partner ran out of arrows. What he did next was run to the queen to use shadow flurry then immediately the queen spat her acid on him and he died.

That’s not the sad part. You see, after I beat the queen for him, I saw the queen drop a spider fang dagger. I was like :OO but then it was my friend’s dagger. The thing is that he’s dead and can’t get the dagger, so now its laying in front of me waiting for the owner to pick it up, not knowing that it will stay there forever…



Cant imagine how your partner feels

Yeah well he felt really sad

Your reply killed the mood lol

yeah its sad