Deleting dead guilds/servers from discord communities

You know how #discord-servers exists, but sometimes the servers there are dead or the link is expired? I suggest every once in a while a mod goes checking all the discord servers for expired links, disbanded guilds, deleted servers, etc and delete them to give the active communities more chances to be bumped. Maybe give a notice to the post owner before deleting it to see if they change it, but if they don’t respond/don’t change it the post gets yeeted

td:lr delete the posts about irrelevant discord servers from #discord-servers

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What are we supposed to do when we have 20 members? And vesteria shutted down tho. I don’t want my discord’s guild to be removed from there D:


sounds like an epic name for a guild

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Would be a useful change and would allow for the growth of smaller guilds. I wholeheartedly agree.