Definition of a Guild

Alright, so last night I got in this fight with this person named Bridget who claims to have the first guild. Also a friend of mine told me Bridget is also the first hunter. So last night I got a fight with Bridget because she has the first guild or something. So, whenever I brought up Sinister Knights (the guild I’m in) and said how old it was and stuff she was being very toxic about it and talking about still I’m the first guild. So she only has 1 person in that guild her, and what I was trying to prove her is that it isn’t a guild unless it has multiple people. What I am asking for are comments if it is true or not that it can’t be a guild if it doesn’t have multiple people. What are your thoughts?

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A guild isn’t a guild if there’s only one person

I know that already, but I forgot to mention the fact about how it could be a guild but not official. And is it true that she has the first guild?

  1. a guild requires more than just 1 person (now that is a fact)

  2. most if not all of the guilds currently are unofficial and are purely made by the community for the community

Okay, I’ll list some facts.

  • Bridget was the first person to make a post about a guild
  • He’s also the first hunter
  • He can be very ‘passionate’ about his opinion
  • He’s also doesn’t have anyone in his guild
  • A guild is a group of people who come together for a common goal or purpose.

Those are the facts,

Alright I guess she thought of guilds first but never really had her guild official.

Oh no, there’s no way to be sure that he thought of guilds first, he just made a post about them.

Technically, the first person to think up guilds for the game and post it on forums was @avoiided.

Alright, so no one is sure if she made the first guild. But in the forums she technically made the first post about it.

Correct, he did make the first post about a guild.

Oh wait I know avoiided he is an ally of the guild I am in. I might check with him when hes online again.

However, I’d argue that S.I.L.E.N.T. does not exist. It takes more than one person to create a group.

Yeah I think she is mostly saying that to boost rep but it technically does not exist atm.

I think we are in agreement, then.


One more thing if her guild is not official than what is the first guild with more than 1 person in it?

There is none, no guild is technically an ‘official’ guild of Vesteria right now. A system hasn’t been added to accommodate the guilds. These are the guilds out there, right now.

  • Greyvale
  • Sinister Knights
  • Serenity
  • Protectors of the Mushroom (The Company)
  • S.I.L.E.N.T.

Alright so I am in Sinister Knights I was there since the very start of it but there are probably more that haven’t been mentioned on the forums. Now that I think about it Greyvale is probably the biggest guild.

I am so happy this is a thing rn

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