Defensive abilitys for each class

Each class already has a movement ability and an attack ability but none of them have any defensive abilities and this needs to be changed!
my suggestions go something like this

  • warrior

Iron will: gives temporary damage resistance
you gain a 10% damage reduction for each level up to 50% less damage
the duration is 5/10 seconds and recharge time is 30/60 seconds
this ability costs 50MP. This cost is so big due to the fact that this ability would be rather strong and would give warriors a way to take more damage and last for longer in the fight while dealing low to medium damage constantly

  • mage

spectral cloak:
makes the mage invincible to damage
for each level of this skill you gain +1 second to the duration of this effect
Ability cost: 100MP - a powerful ability that only the strongest of wizards can cast. maintaining such state is also very tiresome so it can only last a few seconds.
this ability lets mages escape combat once they get down to extremely low HP or finish off their target before they die.
the cooldown is 60 seconds + the time it takes to get back the 100MP.

  • Rouge

shadow step:
gives the player a chance to completely dodge any damage dealt with them.
you gain 2/5% chance to dodge attacks per level of this skill.
Ability cost: 25MP - an ability based on chance. just gives rouges bit more survivability without having to invest 9 billion points into VIT. it’s so cheap because its based on chance and its the shortest of the bunch.
duration: 20 seconds
recharge time: 40/60 seconds

I think this would greatly increase the survivability of all classes and give them bit more spice + we don’t have ANY defensive skills as of right now

psst, if you liked this idea be sure to like it and maybe vote for it on the upper left corner. it would help the devs. see this suggestion :slight_smile:

These Sound Like Great Ideas @Phoenix Though Always With Suggestions Is The Problem Of Implementation As They Have Much More Things To Implement.

I am so down for some defensive abilities. This would be a great ability to have and with me being a warrior I would like to have damage resistance and be a tank so I can support everyone else.

If You Really Think About It A Tank Doesn’t “Support” They Would Most Likely Carry Due To The Health That “Tank” Entails.

its an ability that lasts 5 or 10 seconds has the 2nd longest cooldown on this list and its meant for the tank to stay longer in combat and not support others
and most people that go warrior simply don’t put enough points into VIT
the stats can be changed but this is just the concept

I Said That Since Verscile Said They, As A Warrior, Could

Which Doesn’t Make Sense As You Also Pointed Out, After I Did.

warrior isn’t meant for support
he is meant for tanking damage
support is mages role : P

I Never Said Warriors Are Meant To Support, Though They Plan On Having A “Paladin” Sub Class Which Is Meant To Be Support, I Just Pointed Out That Verscile Said They Could Support People As A Warrior With The Brainstormed Ability.

oooooooh, ok i get it.

The spectral cloak’s use seems fairly useless, seeing as mages can already teleport away from combat, but i do think it would be good for tanking, maybe make it take 5 mp per second or something though

Hello! If you have any other skills you think would be cool, just pop by this link:
I really like the skills you have mentioned, and I think that defense is something that’s been lacking.

thanks! yeah, currently we are lacking defensive skills and I might check of the place
but I still want to hear the peoples opinion on my idea so maybe stay here : )