Defend the castle

I know Vesteria isn’t always considered a dungeon game but I would want to do something like that. I would like something like mushroom apocalypse but with more of a castle theme to it.

Here’s my idea. Like in mushroom apocalypse you protect the little baby mushroom in he cage while fending off the other mushrooms. I was thinking of something similar but near redwood pass where the warriors are. It could be a new feature so people don’t just go through the pass just for the yeti or to become a warrior but to party and play with friends.

The new feature would work like this the recruiter for the warriors would have this new option where he asks of you to help defend the castle. If you accept you and your party get put into the game where you must defend the castle from monsters from redwood pass.

Before the game starts you have a minute to get ready. You can get through the gate up the stairs to the top of the castle towers. That would be beneficial to hunters and mages in you party to shoot arrows or blast magic from above. The warriors can then attack from the ground to anyone who gets near the gate.

I think the castle should be aligned with defenses for any warriors who don’t feel strong enough to handle the the monsters. Note this is just a suggestion to developers. I think some things such as cannons for single targets while catapults do area damage. To make it fair the defenses will take time to charge with catapults taking longer. I think the cannons should take 6 seconds while catapults with 12 - 15 seconds. Cannons do 250 damage while catapults do 200. The damage for catapults isn’t divided among monsters but each monster should be able to take that amount. if it was divided it would be less affective.

This may be to much to ask so the defensive weapons aren’t necessary. Put suggestions and comments to help improve the idea or say if you think it is fine.

On to the waves. The first to waves should show baby yeti’s. The second having more than the first. The 3rd and 4th wave contains the treemuk’s. The 4th wave having more than the 3rd. The 5th wave baby yeti’s and treemuks’s work together. The 6th wave should be the same as 5th but with one or two guardians. The 7th should then contain only a few gaurdian’s but they take 5 seconds to start so the warriors can react. The 8th wave has more gaurdians. The 9th wave should have guardians with baby yeti’s. The 10th should be guardians with treemuk. The 11th should have those three together but in a small amount to get them ready for the 12th wave which is the same but more.

Already you can notice by now how this is way different from mushroom apocalypse which didn’t contain defensive weapons and this many new functions but I want this to be different from mush apocalypse.

I think there should be a 13th, 14th, and 15th. I don’t know what should have. 13 could be a repeat. Or it could have a new monster. While 14th may have the new monster. The last should be with all the monsters with the yeti appearing about 20 - 35 seconds after them.

There should be a 30 second interval between each wave. The gate then proceeds to open where players may change whether to be inside or outside. The gate closes when time is up. This can let players quickly think of positions to try to see whether they are more affective. The monsters will try to destroy the gate. If the gate is destroyed you lose and the monsters get in.

Those would be the 15 waves and how the game would work. I want there to be something way new and for tougher players who think mushroom apocalypse is too easy for there level. This could be more tricky and to there liking. I think there should be a limit to the people who can play a game. I think I should add more to this but I’m not sure what. Put in the comments what you want. Maybe I can rethink this. Is this too much? What should be added or changed? Start a discussion in the comments and I will try to reply to as much as I can.

Now that I’m done typing I can go play the game a little. I’ll check in about an hour after the post for comments. Thanks if you read this idea.

how on earth will the guardians walk tho

Guardians as artillery in the back, someone has to either run out at them or fire a catapult.

I like this idea, because Mages have the Spider Queen’s Revenge (Enchanted Forest), Hunters have the Gauntlet - technically a dungeon - (Scallop Shores), I’d love to see one in Redwood Pass too for the Warriors. I just wish there was a boss that spawned in Scallop Shores, Mages and Warriors have theirs (Spider Queen and Yeti), I’d love to see one for Hunters. Maybe a crabby king or something like that.

I agree with the boss idea. There’s a mob in the bounty book that’s called the forsaken crabby.

Maybe make Treemuks first before Baby Yetis? Treemuks are lower level and therefore weaker. Also, maybe instead of a new mob or the Yeti spawning, how about just a plain old Colossal Guardian instead? With 12,537,500 HP (yes I did calculate that - I was bored), it would make a pretty darn tough end boss. Not to mention that it could OHKO even a level 49 if they weren’t expecting the blast.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. When they appear they stay where they appear. It will take about 5 seconds for them to be ready. This will mean like you said the players must charge forward to get them. They will act as a far ranged enemy so you and you party must decide how to deal with them.

I think what you said Doofus_12 seems like a better idea. Treemuks are much weaker therefore they should spawn in the waves before. Putting a Colossal guardian is also much better then the yeti. It would make this even harder for those of level 49 rank. I like the great ideas you have put. If people keep giving ideas I will try to rethink this.

I will give this a couple more days before I post a new version based on what people have suggested.

12 million HP will take even three maxed Rangers working together a good while to deal with. Jesus Christ that thing is tanky.

Maybe treemaks, Those weird tree people you see when your game glitches could appear later on. Or maybe instead of a yeti boss it’s this giant tree that drops acorns or when defeated summons a bunch of treemuks and treemaks.

What are treemaks. I’ve only seen treemuks. Are you mixing up the letters because I don’t think there’s a monster like that.

That’s what someone called it once, I don’t know what their actually called

They are called treemuks. I can mix up the names of monsters sometimes too.

No treemuks are the name of the enemies already in game, I’m talking about a different one. Someone made a joke that it was an evolved treemuk lol.

Oh that makes more sense