Debuff arrows and venoms

I want to suggest adding arrows with debuffs. I’ll explain how u get the debuff effect on the arrows, first you need to end a spider/stingtail/deathtail/dustworm to make it spawn a puddle (0.25% - 0.025% depending on the creature) after that you press a button to interact with the puddle and fill a bottle of the type of debuff it dropped. Every creature has a different type of venom, warriors have a small chance to not get effected by this effect, cleric and paladin will have a chance to clean all debuffs of a player. 1 bottle of venom will be enough to give the effect to 1000 arrows.

Spider - slow damaging effect that lasts for a full minute (if a spider bites u it has a 33% chance to inflict this on you)

Stingtail - armor debuff that last till you get hit (if a stingtail stings u it has a 100% chance to inflict this on you)

Deathsting - very slow and low damaging effect that last till you die or until you drink a bottle of anti-venom which can be brough from the biologist (a new npc that will sell empty bottles and some positive potions and others) or made from herbs (can be found), venom and an empty bottle (if you get stung it has a 100% chance to inflict this effect)

Dustworm - an acidic effect that lasts for a short period of time and deals a lot of damage (ignores armor and deals around 300 damage in total, 100% to inflict the effect on a player)

  1. Spider has no chance to apply such a venom effect
  2. Stingtails do not apply armor debuff
  1. Deathstings do not inflict any such effect.
  2. Dustwurms leave AOE DOT clouds, not poison/acid style.

Perk of the stingtail staff is weakening venom that from where the stingtail idea for effect came from and every enemy that can aply a debuff shoud be able to it kinda makes more sense to me this way.

1 that’s his feature suggestion.
2 it’s only acid not poison i suggest learning the difference.
3 those numbers are unnecessary because u could have said “none of those creatures give off effects” but that wouldn’t make any sense (1).

  1. Acid and poison are roughly synonymous for purposes of Vesteria, damage types are not a thing (not yet, anyway).

its actualy the second and i am sure he knows
he commented on the one for the bosses

isnt that why requesting new features exist ?
to suggest stuff we think are cool and will fit the game

Oh my Vesra, you’re right.


some ppl think that vesteria is dieing
i am dissapointed at humanity

I think (and hope dearly) that Vesteria bounces back.

Seriously if Vesteria dies I’m gonna be depressed. Jailbreak is ruined, Dungeon Quest is iffy right now (I stopped playing it b/c Boss Raids, now my god-tier equipment is trash), and I don’t really have any other games.

i will also be depressed
o and world zero is good btw(but not even close to vesteria)

vesteria was one of the best games on roblox
everything else is just simulators


Welp, time to go to that “Vesteria knock-off”. I forget what it’s called, but it’s pretty decent. If Vesteria dies Ber will lose pretty much all credibility as a good game dev with me.

the vesteria disc is getting slowly deleted channel by channel

also what is that vesteria knock-off u are talking about ?

One sec, let me find it’s name (there was a post about it a few months back).

EDIT: I found a bootleg vesteria

well, it is pretty cool, but i wanna dev my game tooooooo. wonder if his game will be played if vesteria dies. i probabaly would

its cool
veteria but 240p

this will be me if vesteria dies

i also have nothing better to do with my time now

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This is kind of good, to be honest, and fits in with the current Hunter path Poly wants to take.