Debate on the mechanics of "New User of the Month" badge

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Based on who has been awarded this badge I’m led to believe its automated algorithm that picks who gets it, if it isn’t I’m interested in what the person(s) criteria is for “excellent overall contributions”


I will be mentioning two people in this post but only as examples to examine how this badge is awarded. I am in no way saying that the two people do not deserve their badges and instead congratulate them on receiving the badge.

Additionally, everything I write here is based on hypothesis since there is no readily available confirmed information

As examples I will be using the two most recent receivers of the badge:

  • i_Pope
  • Isabelle

Note: I did check their activity for replies but there was nothing significant for both of them, I only use their topics for examples.


i_Pope’s contribution that got them the badge was clearly their post on a detailed informational map of vesteria that can be found Here

With a impressive 1k views it makes sense why it would be deserving of the badge.
But the badge mentions likes so lets examine that


  • 33 +1’s and 3 hearts (Most likely not relevant or used for choosing the badge winners)
  • 21 Likes to date (amount of likes at time of badge awarded unknown)
  • 14 replies among 13 users (not a record winning amount)
  • 1k views (definitely a impressive amount and significantly more then you see on most posts)

Now the badge mentions that “whom” the post is liked by is relevant so lets take a look at that

  • leader - 4
  • regular - 4
  • member - 8
  • basic - 5

Pretty high leader count so overall it makes sense why this would get the badge, it fits all the criteria listed anyway.


i_Pope’s overall contributions are of the standard forum user, but one amazing contribution stood out enough to receive the badge.


Isabelle’s contributions confused me, at first I didn’t understand how they got the badge.

Upon closer inspection

You will notice that 3 of the likes are from leaders (and another like from pizza on another topic) for a total of 4 leader likes the same as i_Pope’s map post (he has more leader likes on other posts as well)
Aside from those none of the other posts have any likes
(again this is not meant to bash Isabelle, it is just to examine the badge itself, I congratulate them on receiving the badge whether it was fair or not)
I read through the lore stories and enjoyed them myself.


Isabelle’s contributions are limited without much attention or recognition but the adequate number in likes from leaders as seen in i_Pope’s post seem to be what has granted them the badge

Final Conclusion

Based on the information from examining i_Pope and Isabelle it can be concluded that the algorithm for the badge is mainly based on how many leaders like your post.

Additionally, the badge says “overall contributions” but this is clearly irrelevant since they both got the badge from essentially one post that had all the leader likes on it.

As you can see the New User of the Month badge is given to congratulate 2 new users each month for “excellent overall contributions” measured by how many likes their posts receive and by “whom”.
Now this last part is what interests me, it seems most logical that what it means by “whom” would be people with lower and higher trust levels.

Is a leaders like worth more then a members like? If so, by how much? And most of all, why?
It can be argued that they have better judgment of what is high quality but thats hardly enough to justify such a mechanic. This of course depends on how much more a leaders like is worth in comparison to lets a say members, I doubt anyone has this information (anyone who will read this I mean). How is this a fair system? what if no leaders see a post just out of bad luck, and who is to say that they aren’t being biased against someones opinions? The recipients should be decided by the communities likes not the leaders, all likes should be of equal value.

Likes being disabled on some posts

Some posts for unknown reasons have likes disabled (or replaced by votes, which don’t do anything or count towards the badge), primarily ones posted in the game play balance category. you can see one of my previous posts on this issue here

The problem with this is that a lot of posts that are deserving of recognition are sometimes posted in categories with votes instead of likes or with likes disabled, so they don’t count towards the badge.
How is this fair?

(BTW, you can like marketplace posts but not game play balance posts, so you get likes for selling things and advertising but not for helping fix the game? Yikes.)

My Posts

Ok yes I am bitter, When I first joined the forums one of the first things I noticed was the badges since at first they get handed out like candy for doing anything on forums. So I checked the badge page (something you need to keep in mind is I’m a completionist. I know thats not a real word) and decided I wanted to get all of them. (I instantly gave up on exploit hero and bug reporter but they are their own category so it didn’t bother me)

Then I noticed that there was a time limited badge “New User of the Month” so being a complitionist I decided to try and get it. (this is not exclusively the reason for my forum posting, I do want to help the game and be a productive member of the community, the badge was a “I kinda want that” thing)
Here are some of my most successful topics:
(as of 2019-06-07)

I also have a lot of bug reports, you can see all of my posts here (some stuff is unlisted)
Since 11 votes count for nothing despite most posts getting 1 - 4 votes, I didn’t get the badge :sob:
I am now forever cursed with this empty space

TLDR (Summary)

If your not willing to read most of this topic atleast read “Conclusion” and “Disabled likes”.
If you cant do that either, here is a TLDR

The current method of awarding this badge is unfair and inconsistent, it appears to be completely based off who gets the most likes from leaders not the community. Posts with likes disabled like game play balance posts that only have votes are completely excluded from even having a chance at winning the badge. The reason I say that a specific topic has a chance of winning the badge is because despite the badge saying “overall contributions” its completely irrelevant as seen in Isabelle’s example having only 2 topics with likes out of the total 4 topics with a total of 6 likes (4 leader likes).
All likes should be of equal value

Yea this topic is pretty much just me being salty about not getting the badge ;-; but the current system for awarding this badge is complete bull****.

Thanks for reading.

(Imagine if I am completely wrong and this isn’t how the badge is awarded at all,
oh boy that would be funny)

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I’m pretty sure it’s random because back in like january, a bunch of people that no one had ever heard of got the badge.

Thats even worse but my leader likes theory seems to be the most logical
i really hope it isn’t just random

looking at
and , I’m convinced it’s random.

yea thats complete BS i considered it might be because berezaa responded to one of his topics but berezaa has replied to my topic twice so i doubt thats it

I know most people don’t care about something like a bronze badge but this is very unfair

Bawk! (I got it out of no where just by making tons of theads)

looks like you got lucky

Other Discourse forums like the Roblox Developer Forums and blenderartists disable this badge because of how ridiculous it is, I think it’d be pretty reasonable for this forum to do that as well.

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Or make it monthly for everyone and just rename it to something else.

So you get multiple chances of receiving it by reaching a threshold of recognition instead of it being a competition with 2 winners, so infinite people can get it each month not just 2 new people every month

EDIT: but if it does end up being disabled people who already have it should get it removed otherwise it would be unfair

Should have been me or you instead of Isabelle to be honest We both joined in May and had better stats then her, compare Our stats to hers

good joke cooly I like this :joy::ok_hand:

Shut up noob, I said you should have gotten it cause you actually make good forum posts. I just don’t think Isabelle should have gotten it over me or derpypie

My stats are better than yours btw :joy:

Stats aren’t everything, you know. Don’t put yourself above others, it’ll lead to bigger issues.
Also, you seem kind of disappointed that you didn’t get the New user of the month badge, The badge has little to no meaning and I don’t personally see why you’re a little upset about it, you’re a great forum user and you without a doubt deserve it, but so does isabelle and many other forum users who have made great contributions.
Also, I get the thing about stats was kind of a joke, but it does seem like you’re a bit too prideful in it.

Yeah but I have better posts and stuff than him anyways, he only has like 2 good posts.

Popes a clown btw don’t show mercy to him :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

Whether his posts are good or not is something based on opinion, not fact.

he talking trash to me though :joy:

Because you said that you had better stats, which is kind of attacking him.
this is getting off topic, if we keep arguing I’ll close this topic. (not unlist so people can still see it though.)

He was attacking me first by being sarcastic :joy:

how do you know he was being sarcastic?

It’s Pope, he’s a clown :joy: :clown_face: