Deathsting Spawnrate

So, before the great shutdown of May, I noticed that Deathstings barely spawned at all, even in full servers. I think that their spawnrate should be upped.

Seriously, I spent almost 3 hrs circling their various spawns, and NOTHING… semi-full server, but no one else admitted to seeing/killing deathstings.

The worst part? I kinda needed them for EXP. Nothing else gives quite that much EXP per kill, and their spawnrate is simply unfair. They have no drops other than beetles, and still have no higher chance to drop beetles than anything else. I think that due to that, their spawnrate should be increased, possibly to the point of having a higher spawnrate than all other dunes mobs due to their lack of drops (Bandits, Bandit Skirmishers, Stingtails, and Dustwurms all have weapon drops, but Deathstings have none and yet have a lower spawnrate).

back when vesteria didnt shutdown.
i was grinding deathstings.
and some people told me to not be close to their spawns.
cuz they wont spawn if i was 50 studs away.
so thats why it doesnt work i think.

ye i noticed the same thing. i had to grind bandits for my mage instead of deathstings :\ kinda rough when ur knew to mage

I mained mage (before subclasses), rebirthed to a Hunter (at level 13, so I didn’t lose much), and now that’s my Ranger. I made a Cleric, it has gained like 80% of it’s Cleric EXP (i.e. post level 30) from Stingtails (Flare was one of the first skills I got for it).
It had been wielding the same Webbed Staff +14 since 25th level because Tuaa is trash. I farmed the Stingtail Pit that has a connection to the Sun Tablet area, and whenever my inv got full (more often Miscellaneous tab than Equipment, jeez what a low droprate), I just went to the Archaeologist’s Shop (once I hit level 35, I did the Lost Palace immediately. Currently after a holy for that thing, three failed ancient INTs and four successful greats). Back when I farmed, I got Stingtail staves left right and center, but now that I can actually use them and kinda want them (for increased power, I don’t really use my Multibomb against Stingtails b/c wasteful, Thundercall + MM + Flare is better overall), I can’t even get ONE. I should NOT have sold the Keen one I had.

I agree with this. Up until level around 43, you have a fairly decent source of exp from Bandits and Dustwurms, but beyond that, it’s just a long, excruciatingly tedious slog until you finally reach the level cap. And due to the Deathstings’ horrible spawnrate, you’ll be lucky to kill TEN before you get bored of waiting and leave to try and find somewhere else to continue the grind.

In my opinion, this would ruin the game as it would make farming too easy, deathstings would then be a filter for xp and you would simply just use it to grind tal-rey quests

I was even considering removing them, they arent unique in any way, but then you look at sarakis and yeah…

I dont approve this, sorry

Excuse me, how, exactly? Lost Palace is one per slot. At most you can get 4 weps FOR AN ENTIRE ACCOUNT.

That is why they give so much EXP, they have no unique drops.

Also, remember that currently they practically don’t spawn.

simple, alts. I would honestly take advantage of alts and get weapons, and what about testers

and vesteria is a mmorpg, not a simulator

Alts are annoying to use, also there is no real reason for that to be stopped. Remember that Vesteria is still paid-access.

Also, why the big deal about testers? Yeah they get basically god-powers but we can’t do anything about that.

Also also, EXP after a point is just a number, literally between 45 and cap there is practically nothing to level up for other than skills.

yeah, they are annoying to use. But lets take a step back, and consider the hassle it is to find a clean talon for 5g, you either
a) find no one because its a quest item
b) get outbid because theres that one guy
c) get told to scram cuz you offered too low

Its easy to get 5g, but to pay 300 robux to get access to 4 weapons? Possibly make around 30g for 300 robux? Count me in, theres a lot of people who have access to groups with robux in them, me being one of them.

and sure, exp is just a number, we strive for a endgame, but if your endgame consists of killing deathstings for countless hours, thats, really not a endgame…

But seriously they literally don’t spawn. Like, at all.

That at least needs to be fixed.

Also, Bounty Book’ers need them.

Then you should create a fourm post about how spawnrates should be fixed/changed (discluding bosses), Im afraid your arguing about the wrong topic

This is in Balance/Meta for a REASON.

you can balance spawn changes