Death Penalty Balance

Ok. So here’s what i think about the new death penalty thing.
First of all, I think 33% is quite high, because if a person had 1 gold, they would lose 333.3 silver, and think how long it would take them to grind that back. I feel like this should be lowered to 5-10%, which is more doable. Another reason why I do not like the current death penalty is because you get teleported back to your home city, because now there is pretty much no point in going to the new island, because everything there does high damage, and if you die u get sent back, wasting 100 silver. I think the teleport back to the city should be removed altogether, because it can prevent grinding in any area with high damage mobs, or tickets that are needed to get in. People not going to some areas will create inflation because only some high level players will go there to get the weapons and they will get more expensive, because less people are obtaining them. Thats about the last thing we need with the 33% death penalty right now.
But I do think a small death penalty, like 5-10% would be fine because there are ways to get more silver now if we dont get tped.

Oh also, the tax is kinda fine but if it was lowered to 20% i would appreciate that, because i dont like having to pay tons of extra silver when im buying a bow or something.

Pretty sure DPenalty and tax are both money sinks that reduce inflation.

The reason you’re seeing price hikes is because people are trying to convert mushcoin into items that can’t be taxed or lost.

The reason why it is 33% is to make a real penalty for dying, it it was 5% or 10%, i wouldnt even care about dying, I would afk in isle. but adding this 33% actually makes people careful, and because the ecnomy is broken, this tax could balance it in the meanwhile

oh well at least don’t tp us :frowning: