Death during dialogue breaks the game

If you talk to an NPC in the Testing Realm, and get killed during it, your camera will be stuck on the NPC you’re talking to, and you’ll be unable to move forever. This is cause of the new NPC camera system.

Resetting does not do anything but display the new stats.

The game probably forgets to put your camera back to your character or the NPC one is higher priority and like uses a different CameraType or something

wait wat the testing realm is public now

Yea, I’ve had this happen to me when I first started going into the testing realm. As of now… I don’t have it anymore, but for me it was caused by the resetting of your stats when you were a high level and damaged. So when you reset, your health becomes lower, and under how much health you had.

Yes. You must be level 30 and talk to a shadow person near the old seaside teleporter in nilgarf

cool, i checked it out

I forgot about this bug but it is a thing.