Data Wipe [MEGATHREAD] 2019/08/13

This is a megathread for discussion on the poll posted by Berezaa on discord regarding a data wipe. If you want to make a separate topic voicing your concerns, ideas, opinions, etc. make sure it is exceptionally high-effort enough to stand on its own, otherwise it will most likely just be merged to this topic.

Here is the original poll by Berezaa:

New poll:

^ @berezaa please elaborate even just slightly on the scale of said “gifts”,
that’s way too vague to have a valid opinion about.

Thank you, I don’t like getting a lot of topic about the same thing.

It’s a little bit too late for this. :eyes:

better late then never.

@WaterWolfX cant you merge other topics? just merge them here.

Just give me a couple minutes.

Because Berezaa mentioned it, I am going to pull a Megami and make a full wipe thread. In this, I am not sharing my opinion, nor do I have a definite one as of yet. I want to hear your opinions and see the results to this poll.

Should we have a full reset of Vesteria and all of our data?

(Remember, DO NOT take things by title or appearance only. Please read up on some information before voting, I want you to have an informed and cultivated opinions, not to use a hot head.)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Undecided

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there needs to be some kind of “undecided” option

the reset would fix the economy, the insane gear upgrades berezaa mentioned, and give everyone a new, fresh chance at the game

the downside is that it would erase all our hard work, potentially causing a lot of players to quit due to their time invested, and that this could all be for nothing if exploiters come and ruin it all over

the reset is good for the game, but not good for the community.

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Of course, let me add an undecided option. Thank you for pointing that out.

Everyone who voted, please vote again.

i really dont care if we get wiped or not



LUL I’m really in favor of wiping Vesteria just do it berezaa, everyone who voted no are just level 10 beta scrubs who only play the game once and never touch it again :clown_face:


Do it Berezaa!

Wiping is a terrible idea.

we need to wipe

Bawk! (do you want the game to have a economy bad as venezuela?)


money sinks are coming people needa chill tf out
no need for a wipe

why? what’s your deal?

Bawk! (PoTM already lost their money to a wipe)

They are camping the colosseum and im really salty