Data save after paid access

Will my data be still there after the paid access?

Same question.

I hope it gets wiped. Else it’s gonna be unfair for people who couldn’t play the paid access.

Meh, I have to disagree with you there a bit. Since berezaa said it would be PA for quite a long time, including the beta stages, I don’t think having data wiped after PA would be very good. He also said that there MAY be data wipes during paid alpha, but none during paid beta, so that should explain things.

question do you know if we buy alpha will we have to rebuy beta??

Of course not. What would be the point?

phew meta my savior and lover <3 :wink:

Is It Platonic Or Non-Platonic?

That’d ruin the entire game for newer players who couldn’t play the paid access. People who played during paid access would be incredebly high (if you grind the game) and if there’s like leagues, leaderboards etc it’s gonna be impossible to catch up properly thus making the game less fun.

Data should be wiped, but purchased items (with robux) shouldn’t.

If you remember that post, according to berezaa; he said he and his team may wipe data during the Alpha if they have to but data will not be wiped again, even if they go free. I understand you want the game to be fair by wiping data after it’s free but I disagree with you. Wiping data after it’s gone free can make it fair but then you just wasted 800 robux just to play early.

Maybe a solution to make it somewhat fair to new players is making a level lock on your paid access slots so you have to make a new slot and get to the same level your older slots are to be able to load them to be fair.

That idea might work!

Well paid access costs robux so I think its fair even though they have higher skills/stats. They spent robux on the game. However, if there is a data wipe, there would be no point for spending robux for the game. I hope this makes sense because English is not my mother language…

I also stated that point to him.