Dark Forest spiderling pet Unable to be claimed

So I found pretty big bug involving the Dark Forest Set: So to give some background info on what happened, I bought 4 Vestaria dark forest sets so I could give some away gut I wanted to keep 2 so I can have pets on all my slots. So I claim the first set and the code goes through then I hop on vestaria so I can claim it and it works then I do the same thing again, code works but when I hope onto vestaria to claim spiderling pet it doesn’t work and is acting like I only ever got 1 code redeemed. Thus me only getting 1 pet out of the 2. Also yes I have attempted trying to get it on other slots and that doesn’t work as well.

What I think Happened.

What I think happened is that the game recognizes when you buy it as it gives you the spiderling clothes and such, BUT it cant recognize when you obtain it again from 2 different clothes so thus it doesn’t actually work, I don’t know what happened but I recommend not using 2 codes on the same account as it will not let you obtain the second one and just take the code from you.

Also Berezza or Davidii, If you want proof that I bought the set and not lying dm what you need I’ll let you know everything as I do have proof that I bought it and such. My disc is shami#8769

@Davidii yes please do take notice

Mega oof man, its probably because the spiderling pet is linked to a roblox item, and you cant get two of those probably.

pretty much what he said, you need to make alts to gift the spiderling pet or give the person the code directly if they havent already redeemed this type of code.