Damage ignorance

This is just something I’d like to point out, so it doesn’t get out of hand.

When Booga Booga was released, its armor system was based on percentages, not numerical values. This may seem good as people have been playing for a while don’t ignore all the damage from people who just started, but it starts to go downhill when you look at the percentages. A full set of steel armor—steel, a material that can break your hand if you punch it—shields you from only thirty percent of all damage. That may seem like a lot, but that means that a person using a weapon of that same tier could kill you in 6 hits. Since a swing of a weapon takes about half a second, you would die in about three seconds. But when Soybeen added the god armor, it would ignore seventy-five percent of all damage with a full set. That means that anyone using a emerald blade(the second best regular item in the game) would have to hit the person with god armor seven times while the person with god armor will most likely just pull out a god rock and kill them in three hits.

Super Power Training Simulator takes this problem to a whole new level. By adding a technique called damage reflectance, people would only train their body toughness to basically give themselves invulnerability to everything. I know that it was possible to soul attack people who neglected on training their psychic power, but you could train body toughness and psychic power at the same time simply by meditating in a body toughness zone. This resulted in me not being able to kill a person who was three ranks below me.

So you can’t make damage ignorance based on percentages, because then the lower tiers of armor are rendered basically useless while the players who spent a lot of time will steamroll everyone as they can’t die since they have a ridiculously high percentage for amount of damage ignored. But numerical values for defense aren’t good either as the players who have been playing for a while will resist all damage from new players.

You could say that having a defense system that can allow someone to ignore all damage will make everyone play the game more to reach that state, but Vesteria isn’t like INFINITY RPG, a place where you can never avoid damage because you have to walk straight into a monster’s zone where they can damage you to damage them. Vesteria is a place where combat is supposed to be a wild dodge fest, not a place where new players can’t beat someone who is at level 100(I know that the level cap is thirty as of December 24, 2018, but the level cap will eventually be raised to that.) just because that player has a ridiculously high defense from grinding monsters to get money to buy the best armor in the game.

My proposal to prevent this from happening is to make the damage ignorance system based on numerical values, but with a limit. So someone with 54,611,891,981,891,5981,918,915,656,516,519,198,298,981,915,165,165,131,151,561,651,651,611,619,818,911,622,921,462,617,262,497,294,517,216,726,659,878,751,681,578,901,561,509,697,341 total defense would only be able to block ninety percent of damage from all attacks, meaning that if someone attacks them with a weapon with 100 damage, they would still take ten damage.

Now, if someone can’t kill someone thanks to their rate of regeneration negating all the damage they deal, there is a 99.999% chance that is truly because of them thinking that they could take on someone that is obviously better than them in every aspect of the game, not because the damage ignorance system let people who invested everything into defense squash everyone in combat because they can’t take even a morsel of damage.

yeah uh… this is already a problem. I don’t need to wear good armour in pvp and people 5-7 levels below me do 1/20th of my max hp (and I have 0 physical defense)

hah my mage was epic back in december

That problem would be solved if levels were unimportant in PvP