Customizable Tombstones

Ok, I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about removing tombstones. With the addition of a death penalty, everyone’s death looks similar to one another. And I don’t want to die looking like a normie.

If I were to die and lose 1/3 of my money I’d want at least to be able to have a cool looking gravestone.

Some suggestions I’d make for customizable tombstones are:
-different shapes of tombs
-things like crosses on the tomb
-their faction banner on the tomb
-a quote from the player
-flowers at the base of the grave
-a small statue of the player

How This Would Work
There’s a shady NPC outside of the bank or whichever building the devs chose that says “Death is inevitable. Might as well look cool right?”
This would allow the players to choose two dialog options: “Yeah! You’re right!” Or “Nah. I never die.”
Picking the first option would pull up the customization screen.
The second option would have the NPC respond with “Watch your back then…”

When the player opens up the customization screen, they’re presented with all the options. Now; All this wouldn’t come without a price though. Depending on the size and complexity of the tomb, the price would increase/decrease.
Some prices I would have are:

{Tombstone Sizes}

(A player can only have 1 Tombstone size)

  • Default Tombstone
    [ Free ]
  • Large Tombstone (Slightly larger than the Default Tombstone)
    [ 100s ]
  • Small Tombstone (Slightly smaller than the Default Tombstone)
    [ 50s ]
    {Tombstone Accesories}
    *(A player can only have up to 3 TombStone Accessories.)
  • Picked Flowers (2-4 Flowers of your choice of color at the base of your Tombstone)
    [ 30s ]
  • Quote (A quote from the player. The price increases by the amount of characters.)
    [ 30s for 10 characters ]
    [ 50s for 25 characters ]
    [ 150s for 150 characters]
  • Dropped Weapon (A model of the weapon the player was holding at the base of the Tombstone)
    [ 150s ]
  • Dropped Headgear (A model of the headgear the player was holding at the base of the Tombstone)
    [ 150s ]
  • Dropped Journal (A journal that you have put words into. 100% not just for AnswerRemoved.)
    [ 150s for 150 characters ]
    [ 650s for 500 characters ]
    [ 2g for 1500 characters ]

{Tombstone Shapes}

(A player can only have 1 tombstone shape)

  • Default Tombstone
    [ Free ]
  • Flat Tombstone (The Tombstone faces upwards and is implanted into the ground)
    [ 50s ]
  • Cross (A literal cross for the Cleric bois)
    [ 50s ]
  • Slim ( The Default Tombstone but a little slimmer)
    [ 50s ]
  • Top Cross (The Default Tombstone but with a cross on top)
    [ 75s ]
  • Small Statue ( A small model of the player as they died )
    [ 600s ]
  • Medium Statue (A medium-sized model of the player as they died)
    [ 800s ]
  • Rock ( A rock instead of a Tombstone)
    [ 100s ]

{Statue Poses}

Why not? You can choose a stance your statue is in for some extra silver/gold.

  • Default (A statue of the player standing idle.)
    [ Free ]
  • Kneel (What the name suggests
    [ 100s ]
  • Point (Chose a direction, North, South, East, or West where your statue will point.)
    [ 100s ]
  • Sit (Just your statue using /e sit)
    [ 50s ]
  • Panic/Lay (Your statue using /e panic)
    [ 50s ]
  • Handstand (Your statue doing a handstand)
    [ 100s ]

{Staute Material}

Imagine having the same type-looking statue as everyone else. PFFFF
(Players can only have 1 statue material.)

  • Default (Stone)
    [ Free ]
  • Marble (Just white marble)
    [ 100s ]
  • Gold (A golden color0
    [ 1g ]
  • Shadow (A shadowy material. Almost like a ghost. Similar to the outline in step through shadow with assassin. The cat icon ability.)
    [ 200s and blood sacrifice ] (Blood sacrifice is having 500 damage dealt to you on the spot.)
  • Pop-Up (A little pop up statue instead of an actual one.)
    [ 100s ]
  • Ancient (A stone statue but it’s chipped at.)
    [ 50s ]

{Tombstone Material}

(A player can only have 1 Tombstone Material)

  • Stone (Default)
    [ Free ]
  • Marble (White marble)
    [ 100s]
  • Gold (A Golden color)
    [ 1g ] (The name says it all)
  • Crystal (A color similar to Eythr)
    [ 200 Eythr ]
  • Wood (A wooden tombstone)
    [ 25s ]

{Despawning Animations}

These animations can only be used by certain classes. For say: A mage cannot have an animation from the Hunter section. Thanks to @BrysonG2015 for suggesting some of these. I might remove this section later because I don’t like the idea of ghosts and how repetitive it is. I added it because I felt Bryson but a lot of time into suggesting it.

Adventurer: Nothing lol because by the time you get to Nilgarf you should have a class.


  • Shunpo (The player’s ghost uses Shunpo on the gravestone and destroys it.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Final Execution (The player’s ghost uses Execute which causes the gravestone to crumble. Hunters who have Barrage can’t use this.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Barrage (The player’s ghost uses Barrage on the gravestone which destroys it. Only Hunters who have Barrage can use it.)
    [ 150s ]


  • Ground Slam (The player’s ghost uses ground slam, destroying the tombstone. The sword stays there, glowing for 5 to 20 seconds depending on the level of the player.)
    [ 200s ]
  • Quick Slash (The player’s ghost destroys the tombstone using Quick Slash)
    [ 100s ]


  • Mana Bombs (The player’s ghost casts Mana Bomb at the tombstone and destroys it.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Thundercall (The player’s ghost uses Thundercall on the tombstone and it breaks into pieces.)
    [ 150s ]


Assassin -

  • Shadow Walk (The player’s ghost gets sucked into the gravestone and uses Shadow Walk. The gravestone would then vanish with a cloud of smoke.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Shadow Flurry (Multiple Shadow Flurries attack the tombstone, making it fall to pieces.)
    [ 150s ]

Ranger -

  • Ricochet (The player’s ghost uses Ricochet, which destroys the tombstone then backfires and hits the ghost, who disappears. Can only be bought if the player has Ricochet)
    [ 150s ]

Trickster -

  • Trap! (Player’s ghost gets sucked into the gravestone and uses Prism Trap. The Tombstone is crushed to pieces.)
    [ 200s ]
  • Disengage (Player’s ghost uses Disengage, flying into the air and destroying the tombstone. The ghost will disappear in midair.)
    [ 150s ]

Berserker -

  • Ferocious Assault (The player’s ghost uses Ferocious Assault on the tombstone and breaks it.)
    [ 150s ]

Paladin -

  • Smite (The player’s ghost uses Smite on the gravestone, causing it to be sliced in half. Kinda like in anime.)

Knight -

  • Sheild Bash (The player’s ghost uses Shield Bash on the tombstone and blows it to bits.)
    [ 200s ]
  • Taunt (The taunt ability is used and a small laughing noise is played. Nearby mobs come and attack the Tombstone.)
    [ 200s ]

Warlock -

  • Chains (Chains come up from the ground and destroy the Tombstone by wrapping around it.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Pillage Vitality (Pillage Vitality things come out from the ground and hit the Tombstone making it despawn.)
    [ 150s ]

Cleric -

  • Holy Lights (Light emits from the Tombstone and the tombstone vanishes.)

Sorceror -

  • Meteor (A meteor comes onto the tombstone and it starts to burn. Kinda like Red Flames in Special Despawning Animations.)
    [ 210s ]
  • Earthcall (Big rocc falls onto the tomb and it is destroyed.)
    [ 150s ]

Note: I may delete this because I don’t like the idea of the ghosts and everything. I added it because I felt that @BrysonG2015 took a lot of time into suggesting them. I removed some animations though.

{Special Despawning Animations}

When tombstones despawn. I feel as if instead of that little cloud thingie, there could be other ideas. Also; more gold sink from this. These can be bought by all classes. Some ideas I had are:

  • Blue Flames (Blue flames engulf the Tombstone and it despawns. Can’t go wrong with blue flames.)
    [ 200s ]
  • Red Flames (Same as Blue Flames but red/normal firey color.)
    [ 100s ]
  • Fireworks (A colorful array of lights and fireworks goes up above your Tombstone and it despawns.)
    [ 100s ]
  • Smite/Lightning (Multiple Lightning Strikes come down and strike your Tombstone and it despawns.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Holy Sword (A sword similar to the Rebuke ability comes down and your Tombstone despawns.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Flaming Arrows (Arrows fly down onto your Tombstone, setting it on fire. Similar to the Red Flames but with arrows.)
    [ 150s ]
  • Terul’s Grasp (Idk which is the dark magic god. A hand comes up from a formed crack in the ground. It grabs the Tombstone and pulls it down. The crack closes. Similar to Loki’s Grasp from Brawlhala. @JonnoTheGamer will understand.)
    [ 200s ]
  • Vesra’s Blessing (Idk which is the holy magic god thing. Beams of light come around the tomb and it despawns.
    [ 150s ]
  • Spiders (Spiderlings come out of the ground and engulf the Tombstone, eating away at it.)
    [ 200s ]

{Tombstone Time Limits}

The feedback I have gotten has been very helpful. I have made this section so that people who have spent money on Tombstones can have their graves admired.

  • Default (See note below for times)
    [ Free ]
  • Extended (40 seconds instead of 30 seconds if you die and lose 0 to 99s)
    [ 400s ]
  • Sad Loss (Each of the times is increased by 30 seconds except for the plus 1 minute and 15 seconds extra for each gold.)
    [ 1g. ] (Each death resets and you have it purchase it again if you want to apply the next time.)

Note: I have heard your feedback and I agree. Tombstone collision should be removed.
One suggestion I have thought of is that depending on how much money you lose, the longer the time is. Here’s what I mean:
(Idk how to make charts someone help me)
0s to 99s -> 30 seconds
99s to 199s -> 1 min
199s to 999s -> 1 min 20 seconds
Above 1g -> 1 min 30 seconds plus 1 min 10 seconds for every gold piece lost.

If you have at least 1 purchase from each Tombstone Accessories category, these are the times
0s to 99s -> 45 seconds
99s to 199s -> 1 min 20 seconds
199s to 999s -> 1 min 35 seconds
Above 1g -> 1 min 45 seconds plus 1 min 15 seconds for every gold piece lost.

TL:DR: I don’t want my tombstone to look like everyone else’s. Customizable tombstones from a shady dude. Good gold sink. Yay!

Feedback is appreciated. Please respond with ways I can improve this post and ideas you might have. Thanks!

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Yes! This would be a great Quality of Life change!


i could see people buying large gravestones to troll because collisions

will this be for one slot of for all slots?

probably one slot

Cool Idea, but I think this will just block players more

Sounds cool, and a nice small money sink, but tombstone collisions would have to be disabled.

What if I bought the most expensive assessorys… then died. Wouldn’t that mean I would lose less money looking cool?

This feature will be for each slot individually.

Thanks! I added some new features such as Statue poses, Duration and Despawn Animations.

Did you mention me and edit it out?

No your mention is still there. It’s at the despawning animations.

Oh okay I didn’t see it, thanks

lol another terraria idea of having different grave stones for when you die lol

Wait is that actually an idea in Terraria?
I actually didn’t know. I’ve only played Minecraft; not Terraria.

Well, in Terraria you drop different gravestones depending on how much money you had when you died, and you can customize their text and use them as a sign if you pick them up afterwards. Gravestone appearance otherwise is completely random.

Ohh. I didn’t know that. I just thought “If they die with lots of money then their Tombstones should last longer.” on my post.

This is cool. I’d love to make an emoji tombstone.


i wanna thicc tombstone