Custom Currency Idea

Ok because of the tax berezaa added, everything is going up in inflation. A solution I would like to propose is using a triple denomination System. 1s For Guardian Cores, 5s For Runes and 100s for Wayfarer tickets. I would like to propose a multi-item system as having just 1 of these either means you are overpaying for something or have to carry too many items. With this system, everyone benefits as its basically banknotes but on a RPG-world level and would help in slowing down the Hyper-Inflation the market is facing rn.

Issue with Runes (and possibly tickets, idk exchange rate) is that they sell to the shop for only 300 Mushcoins. Guardian cores sell for their full player value, leading me to think that Guardian cores alone may work; if anything, Moko weapons can work as 100s payment since they sell to shopkeepers for 101s. You’d want good item -> Mushcoin exchange so you can still buy from shopkeepers, as well.

John thanks for stealing my idea IRL

Moko Weapons are not stackable

Also, i didnt steal ur idea, you never talked about any of this IRL.

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1s each ticket btw

Yeah, I feel like having a 100:1 exchange rate probably isn’t that good.

wdym, its wonderful proportion