Cursed ATK Scroll Buff

The Cursed ATK scroll needs a buff. The Ancient ATK scroll is far better, despite being easier to obtain.

The Ancient ATK Scroll does +4 damage at a 15% success rate. The Cursed ATK Scroll has a 60% success rate, with a chance to give +4, +3, or +2. There is also a 20% chance that the Cursed scroll will destroy your item.

Why would people risk their item being blown up for a chance to maybe get +4, when they can get +4 safely with the Ancient scroll. In my opinion, It makes Cursed Scrolls quite useless.

I propose an Idea that the Cursed Scroll, in the event of a golden +4 cursed, gives +1 to any stat (VIT, INT, STR, DEX) when holding the weapon. I believe this will make going for Cursed scrolls more worth going for instead of just spamming Ancient scrolls.

Lemme know if this idea is any good, or if Cursed don’t even need a buff at all. I just think that people spam Ancients a lot more than trying to use Cursed scrolls on their items, in fear of losing their item.

Ancients are supposedly going to be nerfed to +3 though it has been awhile since this was revealed. I do still believe though personally that the cost and risks Cursed can have is just too risky to be worth trying to obtain +4 - the only reason to use Cursed right now is just to go for golden tier.

On another note Berezaa suggested one way to make Cursed viable when he explained his concept for the infinite scroll system, where the percentage of scrolls used would continuously go down with each use except for Cursed which would always have a fixed rate for success no matter how many scrolls you already have on a weapon.

will the upgrades fail attempts be back if this happens?

Don’t believe so…? It may likely not happen as it would involve another wipe. Not positive though.