Curse of the mimics


I’m here to request a new addition to the world of Vesteria


“What’s a mimic and why we want it?”

A mimic used to be a human, but it was morphed by the Evil Scientist and became a bizarre, unkown creature, just named as “Mimic” by the Vesterians

They can take the form of everything and won’t hesitate to attack innocent people passing by, and if killed, they have a chance to give their essence to morph your equipment into something else.

How does it works?

A Mimic can rarely spawn in a server just like a giant mob, but there’s no warning for it or any kind of advice, it will be disguised as one of the mobs of the spawn region where it is

You can detect a mimic just by attacking it, yes, you can’t just guess who is a Mimic and who isn’t

When you attack the mob, for example, a Rubee, a dark aura will explode and stun the people who surrounds it and the “Rubee” will go to it’s mimic form, his true form

Doesn’t matter if it was a Baby Shroom or a hog, it will be a lvl 25-28 monster when he goes back to his original form, that does letal damage and needs to be killed with team work

When killed, there is a Slim chance for it to drop a “Mimic essence [Armor, Headgear, weapon or boots]”, which you can use to change the appareance of your equipment

For example, if you get a “Mimic essence [Weapon]”, you can use it to disguise your Iron Sword as a Fishing rod, and when you want, quit the Fishing rod and put a Stick, or whatever you want

Why this would be a good addition to Vesteria?

Because we can customize our characters even more, and of course, the hunt for a Mimic essence would be fun! and it will make more trades to be done, and more research to be done.

If this post gets a lot of support, i’ll make the designs for the Mimic, the essence and virtual examples.

Thanks for reading

I have mixed opinions about this idea. The mimic essence can make item identification in pvp areas difficult and unfair purely off of visuals, and I don’t think a mimic spawning in starting areas is a good idea.
Would confuse many new players, maybe even frighten them.
I think if there’s a mimic it should just drop money and have levels based off the enemy it’s mimicking.
Otherwise this would be too confusing.

Good idea, I like it, but I don’t entirely agree with it.

The devs already made a mimic and it was intended to be added on April Fools as an event but it was never added. It worked differently than this but it was a similar idea. The mimic would actually disguise as a player and run around. It would drop a jester hat, but the stats of the hat were never decided. It would be cool for the mimic to return in this form that you describe. They already have the model of the mimic and the jester hat made so it wouldn’t be as much work.

I believe this was the concept behind an unreleased event, where a Mimic would disguise as a player (in, say, Nilgarf) and run around challenging people to duels, until someone beats it and gets a special item.

Instead of putting this here put it in Polymorphic’s Monster Brainstorm post.

Where i can do that?

but there’s already a mimic suggestion and poly accepted that one
no point in having 2

well, if you want to anyways: Vesteria Monster Brainstorm

Can yo close this?

Monster posts belong in monster suggestions, there is already a confirmed mimic suggestion that has a mob already made (just not released)