Criticism from the World Zero discord

Felt bored, and wanted to see what world zero players think of Vesteria rn to help improve the game

Note: don’t harass anyone i show in this post, they don’t deserve to be attacked







Anything you guys would like to say about this?

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Honestly, imo i’d think of it as favoritism. When you spend a good chunk of time on a game, hell there will be a sort of delusion in you thinking that said game being perfect, and this feels like one of the occasions (considering some of the users stating their opinions were regulars). And honestly, I can’t blame them. However, the story criticism part was very confusing. Like, it’s open world, of course you’d be able to do whatever the hell you want after the essential tutorial quest.

In my opinion, these criticisms are shallow, but to be fair it’s the World Zero discord, not the Vesteria discord, so I wouldn’t expect too in depth criticism. Besides, during World Zero’s time having 20 consistent or so players, the Vesteria discord would sometimes just randomly crap on w//z when someone would touch on that topic in #mushtown. Honestly, if we say stuff similar to this but to their game, they have all the right to say stuff about Vesteria randomly lol


Personally, I feel that the criticism about Vesteria being open world and that being a bad thing is just a case of personal preference. I get it some people find open world games like Vesteria confusing and thus prefer more straight forward games like world zero where the point is simple. Do missions, get better loot, use that loot and rinse and repeat. It’s simplistic yet addicting. Open world games like Vesteria on the other hand, have lots of things to do. It’s not as straight forward and doesn’t hold you hand as much. You are free to do whatever you want however you want. Of course it has to be within the limits of the game though. However, some people who are used to the simplistic gameplay of dungeon crawlers like world zero might easily get put off when they realise that they have the game is not all that it seems. You have different paths you could go down. More choices between this armor or that weapon. A great example is the royal fang and steel sword. Some people think that mana drain ability makes up for the damage difference but some people don’t. It’s aspects like this that make Vesteria such a great game. However, it doesn’t suite all tastes. I get it. Everyone has their own preferences. Being an open world exploration rpg or a dungeon crawler doesn’t make the game better or worse. It just suites different player bases. At the moment however, most of the robloxions are following the trend of dungeon crawlers over the old-school open world games. It’s not a bad thing. I know that there will always be a player base, regardless of its size, the appreciate and will search for a good open world game like Vesteria.

In summary, being an open world rpg is not a bad thing, it just caters to different player bases.

Now, the second part. Some people feel that Vesteria lacks a main storyline/quest line. That’s true. When you first join Vesteria, you are greeted with a semi long cutscene. In case you are unaware, the cutscene involved you and a few other characters on a carriage with a guard on the front. The horses get agitated and the carriage is attacked by all the different shrooms. You then wake up in a crashed carriage in mushtown. This is the only real main story other than (to my knowledge,) the first quests in mushtown and a quest in the enchanted forest. There is a lot of missed potential here. The Vesteria team could have built up on this storyline. Give Vesteria a true meaning. Give a reason to why your character does why they do. Why are you going on this adventure? Why go to a forsaken island? For treasures? For fame? Or maybe some unknown reason. Well never know. In the current state Vesteria is in, I have no problem with it and will keep playing. However, a true reason for your adventure would give Vesteria more umph if you know what I mean.

In summary of this part, Vesteria has no issue in its current state but a real storyline would make it better.

TL;DR: Vesteria being open world is not bad, it just suites different people. Vesteria could be improved on with a real storyline.


At best, these are all opinions. The idea that a game needs an in-depth story to be fun is completely countered by a bunch of other Roblox games. Jailbreak has no story, yet thousands of people play it. Arsenal has no story. Phantom Forces has no story. You can see where I’m going with this. Technically Vesteria has more of a story than most of those games as well thanks to the opening cutscene.

Just for comparison, look at the main Mario series games. At best, the story is one or two cutscenes. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who plays the Mario series for the story. Despite this, Super Mario Bros. is the 6th most bought game of all time (according to Wikipedia). Speaking of, the most bought game of all time is Minecraft, which has about the same amount of “story” as Vesteria (again, you don’t really play Minecraft for the plot).

Nevertheless, for some individuals a story is important in a game. That’s completely fair. But that doesn’t mean that a game is objectively awful is there is no story behind it. Saying “a game needs an in-depth story to be good” is similar to saying “a game needs a good driving system to be a good”. Sure, for some people and for some games driving is important. But for others, it just isn’t a part of the core experience and therefore the game shouldn’t be measured based on it.

So that about covers the argument about Vesteria having no story. Next up, the notion that Vesteria is dying.

Is Vesteria dying? Honestly, you could argue either way. Is it struggling with player numbers? Yes, but that’s only because it’s in a state of change and also is still paid access. You could have made the same argument when World Zero was in alpha that it was dying since it was also hitting extremely low player numbers after about a week of being out. But I guarantee that the World Zero Discord server wouldn’t inform you about that.

Furthermore, with upcoming updates and going free to play, Vesteria will most likely see more players than it has ever seen before in the near future. I don’t think it’ll be on life support for too much longer.

The rest of the questions mostly boil down to “I dislike Vesteria and so therefore it is objectively a bad game”. It’s not criticism, it’s just an opinion. I dislike World Zero’s approach, but that doesn’t make it objectively a bad game. There are things that both games do extremely well, or that one game does better than the other.

Woah. The comparisons you have made are totally unfair. At least compare Vesteria to other games of the same genre. Othe openworld rpgs. Comparing Vesteria to Minecraft, Mario or Arsenal totally puts Vesteria at a disadvantage. It’s like comparing a game like dark souls to something like Tetris. While I agree that a story is not needed and it shouldn’t be seen that Vesteria is bad because of it, you are making unfair comparisons.

If you would like to put forward the argument that Vesteria is garbage and requires a story, I can weave that narrative for you as well. Consider this the version B of my post:

I agree with all statements made by members of the World Zero Discord. Allow me to go over them one by one and explain:

“The Vesteria community is toxic”. This is an undeniable fact. Remember when a large portion of the community bullied a game developer into quitting just because they didn’t like that the game he was making was similar? I don’t think I’ve seen any other “non-toxic” community do that. You ever notice how even when people are trying to provide good, constructive criticism to Vesteria in the Vesteria Discord server they immediately get put down as being “a hater” and “your points are bad because you don’t like Vesteria”.

The most infuriating argument to me is the idea that “if you don’t like Vesteria then quit”. Compare it to Dark Souls for example. The goal of the game isn’t to make the most amount of players quit, it’s quite the opposite. The goal is to encourage a large amount of playtime to master and explore the game.

The goal of any game should not be to make as many people as possible quit, but that’s exactly what the Vesteria community is essentially trying to do.

“Reason why Vesteria is dying is because it’s open-world”. This is, again, and undeniable fact. We’ve seen time and time again that game in the same vein as Dungeon Quest and World Zero outperform open-world RPGs by a mile. Just for comparison, World Zero is sitting at nearly 1000 players right now. Dungeon Quest is sitting at 11000 players right now. Zombie Strike (a similar game) is sitting at around 5000 players right now. Vesteria is sitting at 100. Let that sink in. Vesteria is losing to games like Dungeon Quest and World Zero by anywhere from 10x to 100x.

“Vesteria was fire but the game died now”. We can prove this by comparing player numbers from earlier in Vesteria’s life to later. Compare the most recent update (overhaul to the entire damage/exp system and how that’s calculated) with the update which added the Bounty Book. We barely saw a spike in players when the most recent update was added. We did; however, see a significant spike in figures when the Bounty Book was added. Evidently, less and less people are excited for updates. That, combined with the toxic community pushing everyone away, will be what kills Vesteria.

“Vesteria needs a story”. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is a fact. Nearly every RPG on the market that performs well has a story. I know the immediate counter to this, “Dungeon Quest doesn’t have a story though”, and while to the naked eye that may seem correct, by peeling back the layers in a specific way you actually find a compelling narrative about death, corruption and the journeys we are willing to take to fight them. I wont go into it too much here, but if you would like more details just let me know.

With that out of the way, it should be clear why Vesteria needs a story. A cutscene isn’t going to cut it in 2019. There’s nothing to dig for in Vesteria, meaning that people who enjoy a good story aren’t going to enjoy Vesteria. The idea of not having a backing story for your game is so polarising for a large number of people. Hell, I’ve dug to look for a story and made a mockery of myself doing so (mostly due to the once again toxic community deciding to mock my post". It’s evident that Vesteria has never, does not and will never have a story unless it’s blatantly given to you.

So in general, all of the statements from the World Zero Discord server are factual and therefore deserve to be acknowledged.

I absolutely disagree with pretty much everything I just said in this post, but that doesn’t change the fact that these points still stand. Plus, I didn’t compare it to out of genre games, thereby making the argument even stronger. If this is what you wanted, here you go.

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Sorry if this were to come out as rude, but I honestly can’t tell if you are trying to sarcastic and contradict yourself or if you actually meant what you said.

I’m trying to prove the point that I can argue both sides here. You made the point that my arguments were unfair, so I shifted to the other opinion. If you want to counter it, you can, but I personally think it’s a lot harder to tear apart.

If you think that I was trying to counter you, I don’t think you get what I was trying to say. I was just stating that if you would like to Put your thoughts out there, comparing it to out of genre games would seem like you are making your argument one sided.

Congratulations. You bested me on that front. I can not compare it to the same genre of games simply because most, if not all RPGs have stories. That’s why I pivoted to the other side and used your argument to prove the opposing point, despite not agreeing with the side I was arguing for.

By your logic, this should theoretically completely shut down any arguments in favour of Vesteria unless they can counter what I put forward.

if you talk actively in a game’s official discord server, you’re probably attached to the game the discord server is behind. js

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It’s actually really interesting that a lot of people have gripes with the lack of narrative… I always thought Vesteria could work in a sense like Dark Souls where there’s more lore scattered about and so people can come to their own interpretations.

It’s… interesting. Maybe I was wrong.

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See, here’s the thing. There’s lore scattered about, but it’s not lore that helps us really understand the nature of Vesteria. It’s mostly just individual stories that don’t really have any solid connections.

Maybe the community lore process could be accelerated a little bit by putting more small tidbits of lore into Vesteria, just enough to give a good base for story building.


i admire your argumentative ability to present the other side in a compelling fashion