Cringe 100 old Monster Lure rant clarification for those who care. AKA just me because I feel better if i post this

Alright, so the other day, my compadre @Anthonychi and I were on Discord and ant brought up an old, bad post I made about Monster Lure permission grants which is very cringy found here: Monster Lure: Permission Grants?

So now, I am making yet another insignificant post clearing things up to make me feel better. I usually don’t visit past stuff like this, but like I said, it’s to make me feel better about a regret.

Reasons for me to be forgiveness or at least be understood why I was mad:

  1. I was new to the community, it’s expectations (P2W = bad), and Vesteria itself. Plus, wasn’t in the Vesteria Discord, meaning that I could not see Berezaa’s first post concerning Monster Lures which CLEARLY STATED THAT THEY WERE TO BE SHARED.
  2. My argument is still somewhat valid IF A. This game was P2W (It’s not, which I can respect) and B. Berezaa didn’t CLEARLY STATE THAT MONSTER LURES WERE TO BE SHARED. (which he did.) However, if these terms didn’t apply, then the general rule of consumerism would apply. What you pay for with your own money is what you now legally own, meaning that the buyer would have the right to choose who to share said legally owned product with. Which I believe was a pretty solid reason for me to be unhappy back then because I didn’t know the community expectations (P2W = bad) and that Berezaa CLEARLY STATED THAT MONSTER LURES WERE TO BE SHARED. Which, for those of you who don’t know, is a proper product disclaimer that I did not hear about.

So, it all boils down to me not knowing a product disclaimer before purchasing the product and how the community generally thought (and thinks). And because of it, I made a uninformed, illogical post.

Мне жаль

and thank you for reading this clarification post.

pretty sure everyone forgot it except me :clown_face:

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Everyone really did, you also only had kike 30-40 views on it.

I somewhat remembered that I saw that once before, but didn’t remember. But while we are on this topic, why not clear up my own sins. My first post was on how stacks of items should be split, but since at that time I was completely lost in the forums, I ended up posting it in the monster brainstorm trend. Sorry (yes I know this is pointless but whatever I am bored)