Crimson Desert Online --- game to play while we wait

So there will be an uppcoming Private server of a game called Black desert online. Which is basicly a none p2w version of that game. If you like the whole open world sandbox game with out any areas or restriction holding you back while also having an amazing action based combat system, this this game will be for you. This game is also similar to Vesterria in a way. Atm you will have like 8 to 12 classes to pick between which will be played out very diffrently to one another. The open beta of it will start at first oktober.

Here’s the link to that game:

do you have to download anything to play like a client or something

Yes. You can predownload the game, so you don’t have to download it before the Beta comes out.

owowowowowOWOWOWO bdo was fun is it just the same basis of the game just not p2w?

Yes and an active Modders and such, They also made grinding and uppgrading better aswell.

I doubt more than 5 people here will play, most people only play roblox because they have toasters and can’t run anything, and bdo is like top tier equipment

why is this here?