Creating "Continuing the discussion from" Topics and Avoiding Necrobumping

Hello. This will be a brief post which will teach you about necrobumping and how to avoid it, as well as how to continue a conversation which you find relevant from a long time ago.

For starters, let’s define necrobumping. Necrobumping is a somewhat loosely defined term which refers to bumping a topic to the top of the “Latest” tab which is several weeks or months old and/or has no relevance in the current day.

An example of a topic which could be necrobumped would be a topic discussing a bug which was already fixed months ago and in which the latest reply was a few months ago as well. Bumping that topic would be considered “necrobumping”.

But what’s the issue with necrobumping? Well really, it’s one major issue, which is that it detracts from easy to find quality, relevant content on the forums. The forums can already be confusing enough to navigate and by necrobumping, you essentially make it harder for newer users to find posts that are relevant to which they can contribute to.

Now, which posts are okay to bump and which aren’t? For this, I’ve created a small little test which you can do to determine if you should bump the post you’re looking at or not.

There are 6 categories in which the forum post you want to bump can fall under:

  • Recent (within a few days) and relevant: Fine to bump/contribute to
  • Recent (within a few days) but not relevant: Uncommon, most likely will be closed soon enough.
  • Multiple weeks since last post and relevant: Fine to bump/contribute to
  • Multiple weeks since last post and not relevant: Do not bump
  • Multiple months since last post and relevant: Use the “continuing the discussion from” feature on the forums (will be discussed in a second)
  • Multiple months since last post and not relevant: Do not bump

So on the subject of that “continuing the discussion from” feature. How do you access it? Well, it’s a bit odd. Here’s a step-by step picture tutorial on how to do so.

Step 1: Find the post you want to bump. You probably are already on it (hopefully).
Step 2: Click on the date the post was created. Keep in mind, click on the original post (the topic, or the first post in the thread) and not a reply. This menu will pop up:
Step 3: Click on the new topic button. The topic creator will automatically pop up with this pre-written message:

Step 4: Write what you would have added in the reply to the post, and then create the topic. Try to use a new name, not the name of the original post you’re building off of.

And there you go. You’ve managed to continue a discussion from ages ago without actually necrobumping a single thing.

How useful would this be, though? If you felt the topic was relevant enough to discuss shouldn’t bumping the old post be fine?

especially if the post is to the point and already well known, a prime example “Ability to toggle player nametags”

I feel like creating a new topic is about the same as necro bumping, it’s still bringing a topic to the top of latest and if it’s a new topic that’s just a continuation of another older topic then why not just reply to the original topic. If the topic is closed then the point is to stop or reduce discussion about that topic, making a new topic for the same idea is the only option since you can’t reply, but the reason it was closed was because it wasn’t relevant, it was solved, or the topic needed to be closed because the conversations were not good or were becoming disrespectful or redundant. If a topic is still relevant you can converse there, making a new topic is just extra work and makes it more confusing to understand the original context.