Create Your Own Scroll

Hello everyone! I know that scrolls are really expensive in the game, but, they do give a lot of benefits. In spite of this, some scrolls don’t have the benefits that we are looking for!

So, I’ve decided to make a page where people can post ideas for new scrolls! If you don’t know where to start, here’s some criteria:

  • Name of the scroll
  • Stats that the scroll offers
  • Level requirement (if there is one)
  • Price of the scroll (If there is one)
  • Chance(%) of the scroll working
  • Where and how the scroll can be obtained

Your Ideas can be submitted verbally and or visually. Though, I would recommend a visual submission, just to show off how good your scroll is and how passionate you are about it!

To get you started off, I’ve obtained and prepared a template, though you can make your own, for those who don’t have one, here:
Note: Some of the information, such as how to obtain the scroll and chances of the scroll working, can be verbally submitted right below the image of your scroll.

If you aren’t familiar with my other works, visit The Hub:

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ill create a scroll
so it looks blue with a white line going through it
it’s named “Mysterious Item”
40% boost all weapons/armor
Level 30 requirement
20% from late game enemies, 0.5% from spiders or any enchanted forest enemy
If it isn’t used quick enough (2 hours) it will turn into ash in your inventory


Hmmmmmmm :thinking:

is 500k toooooooo expensive?

RNJesus scroll
+10000% weapon attack and +1000 to all stats
RNJesus is blind to levels
You cannot buy this scroll
100% chance to work
0.0001% chance of dropping from all enemies.


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Sir Yes Sir!


yessir yessir

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Here we go,
Terra Scroll
Gives you 5% boost to speed,(applyed to armor) EDIT: Could also be replaced with a 10% buff to swing speed
Requires level 15
Can be sold to vendors for 750 gold
80% Chance to work
0.1% chance to drop from any mob in the Mushroom Forest

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“Skill Scroll” (insert name of Skill)

+1 to the skill (this would go up depending on the rarity or lvl of the scroll) this could add skills to the weapon like lightning bolt that you cant get throw lvling

lvl 10 minimum to any lvl up
This price would vary to the skill if its set as a market item for trade (lets say its a new skill Like i sad before lightning it would be a strong attack so it would be expensive and sought after so around 20k or player market needs)

This item would only be droped buy bosses anything under 20% no mater the skill but strong skills would be vary low nearing 1%

50% of working

Theys scrolls would be obtain throw bosses or the player market if its added lower end skills would be obtained from lower lvl bosses

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Exp scroll

This scroll will offer 10% exp or higher depending on the lvl

any lvl

this would be a rare minion or boss drop

this will be player bound and can not be sold or gained by a shop (This is to balance the exp gain to players starting and make the game last longer)

This item would be extremely low around 2% on hard bosses and below 0.1% on minions. (to prevent over population of exp scrolls) This can be obtained throw missions.

100% chance of working

This can be obtained any were there is a monster or mission.

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This could work for party buffs to (bring the community together to grind it out)

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What about a potion that gives a server wide buff such as 3x coins from mobs or a damage buff to everyone in your server.

Scroll of forbidden arts

Offers the user of the weapon forbidden Skills (this will create a luminescent dark ora round the weapon). The skills will be random across 5 forbidden skills (all skills any class can use the # of skills can be changed instead of 5).

  1. Empowered Body (50% more dmg to enemy, But takes 50% more dmg as long as the weapon is equipped)
  2. Soul Bomb (Creates a massive bomb that kills you on use but deals the most dmg in the game)
  3. Dead Mans Wish (appon death have a 20% chance of reviving with 50% health)
  4. Gods Sword (alows the user to enchant there weapon for 5 sec to a sword of god (dmg will have to be ballenced to not over power the Soul bomb in any way) they will be invincible for the time of use).
  5. Hells Return ( all monsters in the area Take dmg of 300% of your attack)

This scroll can only be used at MAX LVL

Can Not Be Purchased this it player bound until attacked to a weapon

100% chance of working

This is only obtainable throw the last mission one per person ( the last mission will still have a chance its not always given its a 20% chance) you can only do this mission once per character.

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That One Does Sound Intriguing.

It’s too RNG to obtain. Sure it’s overpowered but a 2% chance from the FINAL MISSION that you can ONLY DO ONCE makes it so that pretty much nobody can obtain it. What about a 45% chance instead.

sorry meant to say 20% and its supost to be rill hard and making use of the multiple spots for a character

I made a post about a scroll before i read this, here it is Bosses Dropping Skills?
Though mine is only slightly about the scroll as it’s just one way you could get the skill, it could auto give it to you


The background of the scroll is the color I want the scroll to be. This goes for all my future ideas.

Scroll Scroll
Get any possible scroll in the game, the better the scroll, the lower the percentage

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